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Flat Sheet

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Buy Well Priced Flat Sheets Online From The Mattress Warehouse

You will find everything you need for your bed when you shop online from The Mattress Warehouse. We have some of the best quality mattresses, bed bases, pillows, duvet covers and sheets for sale in South Africa. When shopping online, you will find a selection of some of our best flat sheets currently for sale.

You will find two types of sheets for sale in our online shop: The fitted sheet and the flat sheet. The fitted sheet is manufactured with elastic around the corners (or around the entire sheet) and it is meant to be fit around the mattress. The flat sheet has no elastic and is meant to be placed between the fitted sheet and the duvet cover. Some people prefer to only use the fitted sheet and duvet while others find that it is more comfortable to have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet cover.

The Flat Sheet

A flat sheet is normally made using an overlocker and will have four seams. One of the seams is made wider than the rest, and this is to help you to orientate where to place the flat sheet on the mattress, i.e. the wider seam will be the top of the sheet and should be placed up near the headboard. Flat sheets can be manufactured with all types of decorative patterns, however, those available online in our shop are plain black or white sheets.

The Sheets Available Online

Because of the very basic colours we keep in stock, you will easily be able to match the sheets to your current bedroom design and duvet cover. We also only stock the very best quality products, so you have our word that you are buying the best sheets.

To ensure that you have the best products, we stock sheets with thread counts of between 250 and 500. These thread counts are generally considered to be the most comfortable, and often anything over 800 can make the sheet quite uncomfortable.

We have flat sheets in South Africa for these bed sizes:

  • Single beds
  • Three quarter beds
  • Double beds
  • Queen size beds
  • King size beds

Keep in mind that when you order your sheets online, we’ll deliver them to you for free.

To give your bed, even more, comfort, the sheets are given a soft finish and they are made from pure cotton. The depth of the flat sheet is designed to fit the mattress properly and it can contribute to giving your mattress extra protection. The extra protection comes from making your mattress more hygienic by being an extra barrier from spills and stains.

We suggest giving your sheets a wash before use, to make the sheets more comfortable. And as always, we suggest washing your sheets at least once a week to keep things hygienic.

You will find affordable, high-thread count flat sheets available in our online store. Shop for new comfortable sheets today!