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There is a huge variety  of bedroom furniture South Africa including a great variety of baby cots from quality manufacturers in South Africa these days. When new parents set out to buy a baby cot in South Africa, they are spoilt for choice. At The Mattress Warehouse, we not only focus on adult and adolescent sleep, we also provide a comparison for supportive baby mattresses for infants.

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Put Your Little One Down To Sleep In The Most Comfortable Baby Cots

The baby cot will be your infant’s first bed and will be used until they are at least two or three years old. During these years, your little one will be growing and as such will need the right kind of mattress to support their very unique sleep needs. By review a baby crib needs to be strong, it needs to be sturdy, and there should never be a risk of the child’s bed cracking and becoming unstable. For this reason, high quality wooden baby cribs are very popular in South Africa.

There are a few characteristics of the baby crib that make it the best suitable bed for a baby. Considering the depth of the bed (which needs to be deep enough to prevent a toddler from climbing out of it during the night), as well as ensuring that the bars on the crib have the correct clearance and are properly distanced (so that heads cannot get stuck). These are the two biggest considerations to make before you buy a baby cot.

Baby cots for sale in South Africa

A cot can be used from the day that your baby is born. It is not necessary for a very young baby to spend its first few months sleeping in a baby travel cot, although many parents find this arrangement to be suitable for their lifestyle, and also because a tiny newborn can look as if it is lost in a baby cot.

Baby cots are available in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are more affordable than you might think. Corner cots, which fit perfectly into the corner of your bedroom, as well as rectangular and oval shaped cots, are among the more popular designs.

The great thing about most cots is that that are adjustable. With sides that can drop off and adjustable bed bases that can be raised to make it easier to pick up your baby, or to lower when you don’t want your baby getting out of the crib, a baby cot is well worth the investment.

And when you buy a baby crib for your first child, and you have made the decision to go with a high quality one, you will be using that same cot for your next child as it is guaranteed to stay in a great condition.

The advantages of buying a baby cot

Baby cots have different designs, and as they are available at varying price, you are sure to easily find a cot that is going to fit into your budget. But there are more advantages to buying this piece of kid’s furniture than prices and adjustable designs, such as:

  • The cot can be used the moment you bring your new baby home. The mattress is designed to support the body of an infant, so you won’t have to worry about your baby not being comfortable.
  • A cot is not just there for the first few weeks or months of your child’s life. You will get plenty of use out of the cot for at least 3 years.

A good tip is to buy a baby cot that has wheels. This will make it easier to move the cot from room to room if need be.

Buy your baby cot online

The easiest way to dial a bed order in would be to phone us or place an order online. It takes the stress out of having to go from shop to shop to make price comparisons. When you are buying your cot online, be sure to read all of the reviews for the cot you are looking at. Shopping online might also mean that you come across some great specials that you might not find in store.

The Mattress Warehouse is the mattress supplier specializing in all types of mattresses. Browse through our selection of baby cots and cribs for sale in South Africa.

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