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Bunk beds

Double Bunk beds remain as popular as ever and you can find a wide selection of kid’s bunk beds at The Mattress Warehouse. Looking for cheap and affordable, quality bunk beds that can fit into any bedroom and become a part of the happy memories that children make? Then this is the best place to find them. The Mattress Warehouse has a wide variety of sturdy bunk beds in all shapes and sizes. From Double Bunks, L-Shaped Bunk beds, Tri-Bunk beds, we've got them all.

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Looking for bunk beds? The Mattress Warehouse stocks a variety of standard and double bunk beds for Children – On sale now!

We have nationwide stores that supply bedroom furniture Johannesburg ,Pretoria, Midrand, Cape Town, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Durban and more. ( South Africa )

About Bunk Beds

Where does your mind go when you think about bunk beds? Although they are usually a big of many a happy childhood, bunk beds are not just for children. They are just as useful in places where cheaper accommodation is offered, such as youth hostels and backpackers lodges. However, kids bunk beds remain the more popular choice. We also stock double bunks! Ask us about our in-store bunk beds specials ideal for your toddler.

Double Bunk Bed

We offer bunk beds for sale at the lowest prices

The bunk beds for sale these days are basically two beds stacked one on top of the other. Designed for comfort and for the practical purpose of saving space, the bunker bed is always going to be very useful. These bed frames don’t have a box spring set, as the mattress lies flat on the board. These beds are designed to accommodate at least two sleepers although there are bunk beds on the market that are designed to sleep up to three people at a time. And because of their unique design, these beds are commonly found on ships, in camping places, in dormitories and as a part of university accommodation. A ladder is put in place to take the top sleeper to their bed, while a supportive rail is placed around the top bed to keep the sleeping person safe. For the bottom bunk, bed curtains can be put up to give the sleeping person a bit of privacy.

Bunk beds for kids

The most common place to find this type of bed in South Africa is in a child’s bedroom. Not only does the bed become a bit of a fun novelty, and not only is it very convenient, but it has a few other handy uses.

Most kids bunk bed are actually quite versatile as the beds can be detached at a later stage and used as two single beds. This helps parents save money. Many children outgrow this particular style of bed as they enter their teenage years, but because the bed can be turned into 2, it helps to give children their own sleep space later on.

For this reason, buying a quality bunk bed is always very important as an unsuitable bed might not stand the test of time. It is also important that you make sure that you buy beds that can be detached. There are some types that cannot be separated. We also stock all the bunk beds mattresses sizes. It’s an all in one fit.

Different types of bunk beds for sale

There are many types on the market these days. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and having a variety of beds allows you to take time when doing a comparison and review, browsing around until you find the exact bed that will suit your needs.

The most common type of bunk bed, the one that you are probably thinking about, is the standard bunk bed. With this bed, the mattresses will be stacked one above the other. These very simple and practical beds are available in wood or in steel and depending on the type you choose, they can come with different accessories, such as a toy box which fits neatly below the bed. This is one of The Mattress Warehouse’s best-selling bunk beds for kids.

Then there is the twin over the full bed which has a bigger mattress at the bottom and a smaller mattress at the top. These beds are not as commonly available, and they are not going to fit into just any space, meaning a bigger bedroom will be needed for this bed. If you are looking for this style of bed, The Mattress Warehouse has the Tri-Bed. Made from beautiful wood, it is going to be a stunning addition to any bedroom. The bed includes a longer ladder than the common bunk bed for sale, and it is best to ask if it can be separated later on.

The L-shaped bed is an interesting twist on the bunk bed. Instead of the conventional design which stacks the beds one on top of the other so that the beds are facing the same way, the L-shaped design has the beds at different angles. The bottom bed is designed to sit in an L shape to the top bed. This makes room for a bigger bottom bed and can break with the conventional if that is not something that you are too keen on. The L-shaped design is certainly going to add an interesting look to the bedroom. It also allows for a space to be created beneath the bed in which a desk or small bookshelf can be placed. Your children are certainly going to love this bed as it creates a fantasy place where their imaginations can run wild. The Mattress Warehouse has a few L-shaped beds for sale, come and browse through our selection.

Finally, there is the loft bed, designed with the top bed higher up than the usual bunk beds for sale. This bed does not necessarily have to accommodate two sleepers. But space which is created below the top bed can be ideally used to place a bookshelf, chest of drawers or a desk. This bed is ideal when you want to create more space. While another bed can be placed below, that space is usually reserved for other furniture. Who said that bunk beds can only be used for two sleepers? This bed is for those who want the illusion of a bunk bed but only need sleeping space for one. The Mattress Warehouse has these beds for sale at affordable prices.

We make sure that you always have a wide selection of beds to choose from and that they are always affordable.  We are the mattress experts and we can assist you in finding the right mattress to suit your sleep needs.

Visit one of our stores in Johannesburg,Pretoria, Midrand, Cape Town, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Durban and more. ( South Africa )

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