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Bedroom Headboards for sale from The Mattress Warehouse - Headboards are versatile in terms and flexible of design, making them easy to move and easy to change. Wooden headboards and leather headboards are made from the best quality materials and are certainly able to withstand long-term use. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a wide selection of marked down wall headboards. These bedroom accessories are ideal for all homes and with a little customization, they can be made to suit your style tastes.

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Headboards for Sale at the Lowest Prices

Bedroom headboards, whether DIY or bought from our mattress factory, can change the entire look and atmosphere of your bedroom. It will give your bedroom a focal point without much effort and without having to pay a whole lot of money. Headboards are very well priced and instead of paying that extra money for a full bed frame, you can go for this more affordable, minimalist option. We have stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth,  Nelspruit and more.

Our headboards for sale are not just for making your bedroom look stunning, it is actually a fully functional bedroom accessory and something that once you read about the benefits, you are probably going to seriously consider and review buying one.

The Benefits of Having a Wall Headboard

While looking for wall headboard ideas will be plenty of fun, it is the benefits that will come from having the headboard that will make you want to buy one.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will have when you buy a headboard:

  • It will protect your walls

Without a wall headboard, whether it is a separate headboard or one attached to the frame, your pillows will be up against your wall. But it will not only be your pillows up against the wall, your hair is also going to be in contact. The oil from your hair can end up leaving dirty marks. Buying a headboard will definitely help you deal with protecting your walls.

  • They are great for those working on a price budget

If you are looking to go the affordable route, a headboard is a seriously great option to go with. And there are some really great bargains out there these days which means that you will be saving all the way. Cheaper options made of wood can be easily stained to suit the colour of your bedroom.

  • It saves space

These days, minimalism is really a big thing. If you are into this trend or if you are simply looking to save some space, considering how small bedrooms are lately, having a headboard could be the solution. They are thinner than the headboard which is usually attached to a bed frame, and they are quite easy to move around.

  • A headboard can bring additional comfort to your bedroom

It is actually a little-known fact that headboards can add an element of comfort to your room. A headboard is not going to compromise the length of the bed, which can be a concern for taller people.

  • Easier to make your bed

As the headboard is not a part of the bed, when you make your bed in the morning, you won’t have the struggle to get the sheets tucked in. You’ll quickly be able to get this early morning chore out of the way and get on with your day!

Transform the look of your home, by taking the affordable route and buying a headboard. In South Africa, at The Mattress Warehouse, we have a selection of wall headboards for you to purchase. Wall headboards come in various sizes and various headboard designs. You can choose a king headboard or a queen headboard, you can even choose a variety of colours such as a white headboard, or even an upholstered headboard or tufted headboard. Each wall headboard can be bought online, and with our specials on online sales, you will be saving. If you are unsure about the headboard you should be buying you can always talk to one of our expert sleep consultants.

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Buy your wall headboard in South Africa from The Mattress Warehouse and take advantage of our free delivery.  The best prices on headboards for sale now!

Visit one of our many stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth,  Nelspruit and more. 

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