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The history of Simmons beds started with a bad debt payment. In 1870 Zalman Simmons was given a patent for handmade woven wire bedsprings as a payment for debt. Instead of letting the patent go to waste, he employed a local inventor who put the patent to work and by 1876 the first mass produced woven wire mattress was created. Simmons Beds has never looked back since and they have grown to become a leading bed manufacturer in the industry with many devoted fans and even more happy customers across the globe.

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Since 1986 the company has enjoyed a 64% growth in the market and now provides beds and mattresses to a variety of countries. The beds are suited to the needs of a variety of different customers. Each bed manufactured by Simmons Beds is designed with a simple philosophy in mind which is that better sleep can be achieved through science. This philosophy has meant that continuous research has been applied to the manufacturing of beds to ensure that clients only get the very best in beds. By studying the posture of sleeping bodies and by examining sleeping patterns and uncovering the reasons why people are woken up during the night, Simmons Beds has been able to apply the scientific discoveries with their ever increasing technologies to create world class beds. To date Simmons Beds has enjoyed a successful 137 years in the bed manufacturing industry and they have 148 patented sleep products. Quality, comfort and durability have become synonymous to the Simmons Bed range.

Simmons Beds South Africa was first opened in 1996 and it is SABS approved. The South African branch of Simmons Beds keeps in close contact with the Simmons Beds headquarters in the United States of America. By doing this Simmons Beds South Africa has ensured that they keep up to date with all of the important developments that continue to drive the product range.

What makes the Simmons mattress range so popular and unique is its pocketed coil technology. Each one of the coils is fitted into an individual fabric pocket that is able to allow each of the springs to move on their own when pressure is applied. This means that the movements of one partner will not interrupt the sleep of the other partner, ensuring that a good night of rest is guaranteed for both sleeping partners. Each of the coils within the mattress is pre compressed. This gives the mattress more life as it ensures that the coils are always pushing up. This in turn makes sure that the mattress is not only steadier but that it is also firmer.

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  • We have always been told that a good night of sleep each night is essential to a long and healthy life, and that it contributes to physical and mental health. Getting enough good quality rest is needed for the body to rejuvenate and for the mind to remain healthy until old age. This is what Simmons as a bed company keep in mind when manufacturing beds. Beds that give enough support and that create enough comfort to make every night of sleep a good one is what Simmons Beds strives to achieve.
  • It is not only beds that Simmons has invested plenty of scientific research and thought into, Simmons Beautyrest has also invested lots of research in the design and manufacturing of pillows. A Simmons Bed is incomplete without a Beautyrest Pillow.

    Beds available from the Simmons Bed range:

    Beautyrest Crescendo: Pocket coil system as core and a box top with visco-elastic (memory foam)
    • World Class Luxury: A very luxurious feel with the support of the original pocketed coil.
    • World Class Ultra firm: For the heavier person who prefers a firmer bed with the support and comforts that is desired.
    • World Class Superior firm: For the average weight person who prefers a firm feel with high comfort levels.
    • Backcare 5: 5 Different comfort zones that contours to your natural curves for full body support. This bed is designed to give balanced support and comfort for each zone.
    • Classic Plush: This bed is designed for the lighter person who prefers a softer mattress with more comfort.
    • Classic Deluxe: This bed is designed for the lighter person who prefers a slightly firm mattress. There is an ideal balance between comfort and support.

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