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Strandmattress Beds: Posture support mattresses

The Strandmattress Bed brand offers affordable, posture-supportive beds for sale all over the country, produced alongside the famous South African bed brand Cloud Nine Beds. Each bed is carefully manufactured using high-quality materials resulting in durable beds designed to support your back. Affordability and quality are the two key qualities of each bed produced under the Strand Beds brand. In 1968, the first Strand Beds were manufactured, under the parent company name of Strand Foam. Strand Foam was already well known for the work it did in various industries including the medical field.

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Strandmattress Foam Flexi 50Kg p/p R439-00
Strandmattress Foam Varsity 60Kg p/p R759-00
Strandmattress Foam DreamMe 65Kg p/p 1 YEAR R869-00
Strandmattress Foam SnoozeMe 65Kg p/p 1 YEAR R999-00
Strandmattress Foam Bambino 70Kg p/p 8 YEAR R1199-00
Strandmattress Foam Dreamquilt 85Kg p/p 8 YEAR R1699-00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Strand Foam manufactures polyurethane foam products which are used in furniture and beds. The company relies on ongoing research to uncover better ways to produce this famous foam. Some of the company’s newer developments include the High Resilience Foam and the Cool Gel Memory Foam. The company not only manufactures Strandmattresses but it is also the parent company for Rest Assured Beds and Cloud Nine Beds. Strand Foam’s beginnings might have been challenging, but today it is one of the nation’s most bought and preferred beds, especially since the beds are so affordable.

Strand Foam has manufacturing plants all over the country. But regardless of where your bed comes from, the one thing that you are guaranteed to have is an affordable bed made to the same high standards as the other beds produced all over the country. The company is now one of South Africa’s biggest bed manufacturing companies and the beds produced are great for the whole family.

The hospitality and the medical industry also love these beds. Because the beds are highly durable and comfortable, they are ideal for hotels and guesthouses where the beds will be used again and again. Hospitals also prefer these beds thanks to the immense posture support.

The Strandmattress Range

As with all other bed brands, there are a number of beds within the various ranges that you can choose from. Currently, there are 4 ranges that are getting a lot of attention. They are the Airborne Range, the Firm Flex Range, the Dream Me Range and the Snooze Me Range. Many of these are available from The Mattress Warehouse (contact us to find out more about the selection available). These beds are available in all sizes, ideal for every home within the house, and each bed has a guarantee.

The design of the beds is what gives them that incredibly comfortable feel while also supporting your posture. An incorrect sleeping posture can have seriously damaging effects on the way that you sleep as well as on your day to day life. Bad posture leads to uncomfortable sleep which in turn means that you are facing a tiring day. But you can eliminate sleep disturbed by bad posture, by investing in the right bed.

It’s all in the design

The beds available from Strandmattresses are ideal for a single sleeper or those sharing the bed with a partner. These beds, with their quality memory foam, reduce disturbances caused by movement in the night. The beds are also made with a layer of polyurethane foam and a high-density foam, both of which improve support and comfort. To complete the bed, the mattress is covered with a woven damask, making the bed allergy free and incredibly hygienic, while it is also durable. The difference between the beds lies with the kind of warranty that you can expect.

With exceptional posture support and the kind of price range that everyone can afford, the beds for sale under the Strandmattresse name can really transform your sleep. If you are interested in one of these beds, you will find them at The Mattress Warehouse.