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  • Montrial Leather Sleeper Couch - Queen

    Montrial Leather Sleeper Couch – Queen

    R32,299.00 R29,299.00
  • Ghia Leather Sleeper Couch - Queen

    Ghia Leather Sleeper Couch – Queen

    R31,699.00 R28,799.00
  • Villa Leather Sleeper Couch - Double

    Villa Leather Sleeper Couch – Double

    R31,099.00 R28,199.00
  • Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch - Double

    Vintage Leather Sleeper Couch – Double

    R31,099.00 R28,199.00
  • Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Double, Corner, Double)

    Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Double, Corner, Double)

    R21,999.00 R19,999.00
  • Moxi Lounger Sleeper Couch

    Moxi Lounger Sleeper Couch

    R19,199.00 R17,399.00
  • Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Single, Corner, Double)

    Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Single, Corner, Double)

    R18,899.00 R17,099.00
  • Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

    Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

    R16,699.00 R15,099.00
  • Bahama Sleeper Couch

    Bahama Sleeper Couch

    R15,099.00 R13,699.00
  • Ghia Queen Sleeper Couch

    Ghia Queen Sleeper Couch

    R11,499.00 R10,399.00
  • Bosonaco Sleeper Couch

    Bosonaco Sleeper Couch

    R10,799.00 R9,799.00
  • Vintage Double Sleeper Couch

    Vintage Double Sleeper Couch

    R10,499.00 R9,499.00
  • Moxi Double Sleeper Couch - Wooden armrest

    Moxi Double Sleeper Couch – Wooden armrest

    R10,399.00 R9,399.00
  • Delft Double Sleeper Couch

    Delft Double Sleeper Couch

    R10,099.00 R9,099.00
  • Monaco Double Sleeper Couch

    Monaco Double Sleeper Couch

    R9,799.00 R8,899.00
  • Moxi Double Sleeper Couch

    Moxi Double Sleeper Couch

    R9,499.00 R8,599.00

Comfortable and Affordable Leather Sleeper Couches for Sale

Sleeper Couches ~ We are dedicated to selling and we deal with all things sleep related. Brand new comfortable beds are our biggest sellers, but we also stock bedroom accessories such as headboards and various types of bedroom furniture.

Sleeper couches have come a long way from being uncomfortable additions in the living room, mostly offered to visiting guests, to becoming just as comfortable as the best quality mattress. What’s more is that sleeper couches are exceptionally affordable and cheap these days. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a wide variety for comparison of sleeper couches for sale across South Africa. If you are looking for a well-priced sleeper couch in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, Pretoria or Polokwane, you will find them at The Mattress Warehouse. For the best leather and material couches for sale!

#1 in Leather Couches

The sleeper couch is as versatile as it is stylish. These functional beds can look very attractive in your home and thanks to the developments they have had over the years, you can be sure that they have been made using the very best in sleep technology.

Sleeper couches are the ideal piece of furniture as by day they are seating couches, so they won’t be taking up too much space. At night, they easily transform into comfortable beds. They are especially ideal when you have limited space in your home but you still want to have some extra sleep space should you have guests.

The couches available from The Mattress Warehouse, are known by a number of different names including the sofa bed, the slide away bed or the fold away bed, all depending on the way that it is opened or stored.

Different Sizes of Sleeper Couches

Just as you get a variety of different mattress sizes these days, you also get a number of different sleeper couch sizes. When you are shopping around for sleeper couches in South Africa, be sure that you know which size you are looking for. To find out more about our sleeper couch sizes you can talk to one of our consultants.

sleeper couches for sale

The Affordable Sleeper Couches Currently For Sale from The Mattress Warehouse

You will definitely be able to find the sleeper couch to suit your budget when you buy one from The Mattress Warehouse.  Our pull out sleeper couches, roll out couches and click-clack couches are the most popular. Double up as an exceptionally comfortable day couch, the pull out couch has seat cushions which are double folded when used as a couch and unfolded to become a sleeper couch.  The rollout couch has a double bed mattress folded up inside the couch, which is then rolled out when it comes time to sleep. Finally, the click-clack sleeper couch is fully adjustable and the back of the couch can be reclined to make a bed.

Some of the sleeper couches we currently have in stock include:

  • James Sleeper Couch
  • The Modena Sleeper Couch
  • The Classic Sleeper Couch
  • The Prestige Sleeper Couch
  • The Yen Sleeper Couch
  • The Hollywood Sleeper Couch
  • The Roxy Sleeper Couch
  • The Franklyn Sleeper Couch
  • The New York Sleeper Couch
  • The Compact Sleeper Couch
  • The Bachelor Sleeper Couch
  • The Easy Ottoman
  • The Sao Paolo Sleeper Couch
  • The Rio Sleeper Couch

These couches are available in different colours and will make a stunning addition to your home, not to mention, they will be very comfortable to sleep on. You can order your sleeper couch online or you can visit one of our mattress shops today to try one out. Contact The Mattress Warehouse to find out more.

Visit one of our stores today at Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Midrand Nelspruit, Pretoria or Polokwane, Port Elizabeth.

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