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Forgeron All Seasons Bed

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Forgeron All Seasons Bed



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Forgeron All Seasons Bed
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You save R 1,900.00
8% OFF!
King XL
R 19,599.00

Forgeron All Seasons Bed

Comfort Level

20 Years Service Warranty

2 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

150 kg per person

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Product Description

The Forgeron All Seasons Bed is a perfect all-rounder bed. Its revolutionary design is out of this world! You see, the comfort ratings and sleep surfaces on the two sides of the mattress are completely different. Lie on a soft, warm surface in winter. Now flip the mattress and lie on the cool, firm surface through summer.

One side has a plush comfort rating that is great for side and back sleepers. Whereas the other side has a firm comfort rating perfect for back and stomach sleepers. So no matter your sleeping style, this piece of magnificent sleep technology is perfect for you! Allow yourself to be transported to Dreamland as you snuggle into this fantastically sophisticated mattress that helps to regulate your temperature, no matter the season.

Winter Side - Super Soft Comfort Layer

Be ready for those cold nights with the plush, gel memory foam layer on the winter side of the mattress. This deliciously soft comfort layer is made up of quilted stretch fabric and comforting, heat-retaining gel memory foam. There is nothing better than snuggling into a soft and inviting bed on a chill winter’s night. Go ahead, envelop your body in elegant plushness as you settle in for another night’s restorative rest on the Winter Side of your Forgeron All Seasons bed.

Summer Side - Ultimate Revitaliser Foam

Summertime! Flip your All Seasons mattress over and behold the medium-firm, cool to the touch Summer Side. On this side of the mattress, you’ll find a denser and more reactive latex foam that dissipates heat and wicks away moisture. So it is perfect to regulate your body temperature during those hot and humid summer nights. Furthermore, the polyurethane latex foam actively responds to your every movement, so your body will be supported no matter how often you toss and turn on a summer’s night! 

Double-Sided Sleep Artistry

Welcome to the next generation of mattress technology! A mattress that allows you to sleep under near perfect conditions no matter the temperature in the room - what’s not to like? Moreover, the Forgeron All Seasons mattress can support up to 150 kg per side. Go ahead, treat yourself to the coolest new mattress in town.

To Summarize: The Forgeron All Seasons Bed

  • Double-sided sleep surfaces to keep your temperature regulated all year long
  • For Winter: Plush, level 5 comfort rating gel memory foam that is great for side and back sleepers
  • For Summer: Medium-Firm, level 3 comfort rating latex foam that is perfect for stomach and back sleepers
  • 150 kg weight capacity per side
  • 20-year warranty
  • 2-year guarantee

Comfort Level


Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Bed Sizes

King183 cm x 188 cm
Queen152 cm x 188 cm
Double137 cm x 188 cm
Three Quarter107 cm x 188 cm
Single91 cm x 188 cm


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