Cloud Nine SloMotion – Queen XL Motion Bed

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Product Description

When you look for a bed to buy, one of your main concerns is its comfort and durability. With this Cloud Nine Motion Bed, you will get both these characteristics. Engineered in Germany, this mattress is an excellent choice when it comes to durability and quality. You should have no worries, as what you get is a truly durable bed, to enjoy for the many years to come.

This motion bed is a luxurious reclining motion slumber, with supportive HR foam. Therefore, you get all the comfort that you expect from this bed. This mattress features a luxuriously soft touch micro quilted knitted jacquard ticking. It ensures you a comfortable sleep, every night. Besides the ticking, it features a high-density Visco-Elastic and polyurethane foam layers. Together, these work to offer your body a relaxing feel, which helps you avoid backaches.

More About The Features Of The Cloud Nine Slomotion

Its core is made from high density reconstitute foam. It offers a posture support that you will love. You can now imagine how wonderful you’ll feel after sleeping on this mattress. Besides, its memory foam features a ventilation system. Due to this system, this mattress is well-ventilated, thus allowing your body to breathe. Since you know how important this is for your health, a well-ventilated bed is exactly what you need.

Besides the ventilation and the support of your body, it is also essential to sleep without being disturbed by your partner’s movements. And this is yet another advantage that you get from the Cloud Nine Motion Bed. It has zero movement transfer, which means that you can sleep as if you were alone in the bed. No matter of your partner’s movements during the sleep, you won’t get disturbed, thanks to this fantastic feature.

In case you still need more reasons to be convinced that this is the perfect mattress for you, there are more. It is allergy-free, non-toxic and hygienic. Therefore, you have no reasons to worry about any possible allergies or health problems caused by sleeping on the Cloud Nine Motion Bed. With all these advantages and its capacity of supporting a maximum weight of 135 kg, this Cloud Nine Motion Bed is your solution for a perfect sleep.


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