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Simmons Beds – A 200 year history

“We don’t sleep until you do”

For almost 200 years now, the Simmons Bedding Company has been at the centre of luxury bed manufacturing for the everyday person as well as those who have a little bit extra to spend. The Simmons Bedding Company has a knack for innovation that has allowed them to keep moving forward while remaining a front runner in the bed manufacturing world. Many people sleep happily and comfortably on their Simmons Bed, indulging in pure sleeping happiness night after night. These beds are made to be affordable for all and for many they are the number one choice.

Simmons beds have grown to become a worldwide favourite
Simmons beds have grown to become a worldwide favourite

A patent paved the way

The Simmons Bedding Company got its start in the world in 1870 when the owner, Zalmon G. Simmons received a patent for woven wire bedsprings as a payment from someone who owed him money. Within just 6 years the Simmons Bedding Company had become the first company of its kind to manufacture woven wire mattresses in mass. And it was because of the mass production that the Simmons mattresses could be produced at a reasonable price, making them available to everyone.

In 1889 the bed industry had changed yet again and the spiral coil spring became available. With the introduction of this new technology, the prices of Simmons Beds was able to drop drastically again. Within just 10 years, the Simmons Bedding Company had become a part of the North-western Wire Mattress Company and it was soon one of the biggest companies of its kind in the world.

Simmons beds are great quality at an affordable price
Simmons beds are great quality at an afforable price

Since these humble beginnings, the Simmons Bedding Company has achieved many great feats, including being the first company to introduce the king size bed and queen sized bed to the market. They have had Eleanor Roosevelt feature in some of their advertising and this company gave bed manufacturers around the world the pocketed coil, possible when one of its engineers designed a machine that made this feat possible.

Simmons Beds have been responsible for the creation of beds that are able to give support unlike any other beds on the market, with no turn technology and memory foam mattresses being just two of this company’s popular bedding products.

Turning into a nationwide American company

When the boss of the company passed away in 1910, the company remained in the family with his son taking over with the aim of expanding it into new territories and to oversee the creation and implementation of innovations. By 1916 the company undertook a nationwide advertising campaign to introduce the beds to a wider market. 9 new plants for the creation of mattresses were opened by 1919 and these factories extended north into Canada, introducing the Simmons Beds to a new market of eager buyers.

The innovation of this company was to extend beyond the mattresses that were manufactured and extendled into the advertising and sales techniques. This company made things easier for those selling the mattresses and they made it easier for those buying.

In 2009 the company experienced a bout of financial upset when after many changes in ownership and after private investors taking their cut of the profits, Simmons was deep in debt. But staying true to its innovative nature and its drive to succeed, the company underwent a financial reconstruction that saw the company declare bankruptcy. As chance would have it, the organisation that helped the company out of financial ruin were the same organisation that owned Serta. The two companies came together under the same parent organisation and today, together, they hold a massive 34% of the American mattress market.

The mattress that transforms sleep

Those who have had the pleasure of sleeping on a Simmons Bed will tell you the same thing, it is like sleeping on a little slice of pure sleep heaven. Everything that goes into these beds is designed to give the sleeper the best support and the best rest.

Under the Simmons range you will get the following groups of beds, each of which uniquely cater to the sleep needs of their owner:

  • Simmons Beauty Sleep
  • Curv
  • Beautyrest
  • Beautyrest Recharge
  • BeautyRest Recharge World Class
  • BeautyRest Recharge Memory
  • Comfor-Pedic
  • Comfor-Pedic IQ
Every night is a peaceful night when you sleep on a Simmons mattress
Every night is a peaceful night when you sleep on a Simmons mattress

The beds within these groups are fit with the memory foam and coil technology that has been designed to give the sleeper every bit of support that they might need. These beds are made to be affordable as well as durable, giving them a longer lifespan.

The Mattress Warehouse has a great range of the beds that have made the Simmons Bed brand famous. Have a look through our online shop to explore all of your Simmons beds options before you buy your next bed. This bed brand is an option that you will not regret, “we don’t sleep until you do” is their promise to you.