Simmons World Class Luxury

There are two main reasons why Simmons beds are regarded as the best in the business when it comes to pocket spring beds.

  • Simmons first manufactured pocket coil beds more than a century ago and have been the market  leaders in pocket coil technology ever since.
  • Only the best quality materials are used in Simmons base sets.


Simmons beds are build with these qualities in mind :



-no noise (as coils cannot rub against each other)

-each coil is in its own pocket ( so it eliminates movement transfer)

-each coil works individually ensuring comfy support and leaves you feeling refreshed and well rested in the  morning.

At The Mattress Warehouse we can guide you to find the best one that suits your personal needs , choose from:

One of my favorites is the Simmons Beautyrest Backcare 5 Bed. This mattress is specially designed to give extra support to your heavier parts of your body, but still gives you a luxurious soft feel of comfort. The five different sleep zones are designed so well, that it  gives you that perfect quality sleep with the much needed support.

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Simmons beds are for sale at The Mattress Warehouse South Africa.