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5 Ways Headboards Can Transform Any Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Headboards are without a doubt some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can use to spruce up your bedroom. And that is why, if you are thinking about revamping your personal space, you are on the right track. The Mattress Warehouse is an expert at kitting out and styling bedrooms. So read on to get in the know! There are, of course, other ways to go about giving your room a fresh look. We’ll give you a couple of those to get your imagination going and then we’ll show you why a headboard is so handy.

Here is some expert advice on how you can revamp your bedroom in a cost-effective way by using headboards (and other things):

Remodelling your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive

Do you also think that it is too expensive to remodel your bedroom? If you want to change the floors, get a new bed and redo the ceiling, it can get quite pricey, there’s no denying that. However, renovating your bedroom doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. There are many minor things you can do that will have a huge impact on your space and give your bedroom the best transformation ever. 

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to give your room a fresh new look:

Get a new duvet cover set

Duvet covers are relatively cheap and very useful. They protect your duvet and are quite easy to clean. Another important purpose you shouldn’t overlook is the fact that your duvet cover plays a critical role in setting the atmosphere in your bedroom. A new colourful and extravagant duvet cover can make a huge difference. Likewise, a low-key, simple duvet cover can give your room a soft, sophisticated atmosphere.

How about a DIY paint job?

DIY room painting is surely one of the most cost-effective ways to completely change your bedroom’s interior. Interior paint is a lot cheaper than a new floor. Moreover, you definitely don’t need any specialized skills (or a team of builders) in order to repaint your walls! In fact, many people love doing it themselves and find repainting a bedroom a stimulating and fun process.

Start looking for new headboards

Due to the different types, sizes, and coloured headboards for sale, all you need to do is find the right one to spice up your bedroom! Surely, this is one of the best and most affordable ways to give your bedroom a whole new look. The right headboard is a magnificent bedroom piece that catches the eye immediately after walking in.

Which leads us to what you were looking forward to…

How do headboards transform the bedroom?

Wooden DIY headboards go well in a rustic or farmhouse themed bedroom.
This wooden headboard makes the bedroom appear rustic.

The headboard is one of those make-or-break furniture pieces. It can make the difference between a dull bedroom and a welcoming haven where you can fully relax and recharge.

5 ways headboards can transform your room

1. It gives your room focus

A strategically placed headboard becomes the focal point of the bedroom. Take a look at the Nottingham Leather Headboard, for instance. It is striking and immediately draws your attention. A characteristic bed headboard like this gives you a clear sense of place and theme.

2. It lends shape to your bedroom

Another unique benefit of headboards is that they can “change the shape” of your bedroom. Think about a curved, sleigh bed-type headboard. It can give the room more depth and even create the illusion that the walls are curved. By playing around with different curved design styles, you can easily create a new bedroom look

3. Headboards can create fake space

The right headboard can make your bedroom look larger than it is. By using a slightly longer (taller, higher – call it what you will) headboard in length, you can maximize the height of your ceiling. Likewise, you can also give your room a false sense of width by using a headboard that is wider than your bed.

4. Sheer style

Headboards add a specific aesthetic to the bedroom. There is no denying that. If you look at this Cayman Driftwood Headboard, you’d likely agree that it gives off distinct beach house vibes, yes? Well, beach holidays aren’t the only styles that you can recreate with a headboard. No matter your chosen bedroom theme, there is a headboard that will go with it – rustic, farmhouse, bohemian or modern chic (and many more).

5. A headboard gives you a sense of safety

A headboard gives the sleeper a sense of safety. It was initially built to protect sleepers against the elements and keep them warm at night. And it still serves that purpose. You can safely nestle up against the headboard while watching your favourite show. At night, you can sleep soundly without worrying that your pillow might fall in between the bed and the wall. And here’s the thing – in order for you to sleep well, you need to feel safe.

Headboards for sale online with free delivery

Ready to check out our headboards for sale? Our free delivery and various payment plans make it possible for you to transform your bedroom even if you are on a tight budget. By introducing something as simple as a new headboard, you can make all the difference! And with so so many types to choose from, the sky (or bedroom ceiling) is the limit. Transform your bedroom. Get a new headboard.

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