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Beds for Sale: What is the Best Bed to Buy in South Africa?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With thousands of beds for sale, it is quite difficult to make up your mind about which bed to buy. And that is why The Mattress Warehouse decided to help you out. We’re all about beds and bedroom accessories, so you can trust us when we tell you about beds. So keep on reading if you want to know what to look for when buying a bed (and which beds are the best in South Africa). Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking for the most luxurious bed on the market, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Where’s the best place to buy a bed?

Given the recent outbreak of a global pandemic, it is often quite difficult to get to a store. So people turn to the internet. And why not? It is a safe and convenient way to shop without getting exposed to Covid-19.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we offer you both instore and online. We have physical outlets in most of South Africa’s main city centres. Moreover, our online store is safe and secure, and extremely easy to navigate! You can search for beds for sale by brand name, size, price and type. As if that’s not convenient enough, we have an online comparison tool so that you can put the beds you are looking at next to each other and weigh up the pros and cons of each.

With over 14 years in the bedding business, we know that your sleep is our number one priority. That is why we spare no effort when it comes to your bedding needs. All of our staff members are clued up about the beds we keep in stock. And if you prefer online shopping, you can chat with one of us live to make 100% sure about which bed to pick. Once you’ve decided on the bed that you want, we bring it to your door free of charge. What’s more, your sleep needs are so vital that we give you 100 days to try out your new bed. If you aren’t happy with the bed, you can return it to us.

Which is the best bed to buy?

All sorts of beds for sale.
Sleeping style plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right bed.

That depends entirely on your sleep needs. There is no one size fits all best bed. So when you do your research, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Comfort rating: How firm or soft should your mattress be?
  • Budget: You spend a third of your life in bed. So don’t skimp.
  • Size: Are you buying for a master bedroom, guestroom or a child?

Keeping these three points in mind, you might be wondering…

What should I look for when buying a bed?

You want a bed that is both comfortable and supportive. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a mattress with a firm comfort rating. Back sleepers require a medium-firm comfort mattress and side sleepers should look for soft to medium mattresses.

Comfort vs. support

But wait, is there a difference between comfort and support? Indeed there is. The comfort rating of a bed simply refers to how soft or firm the mattress feels. Whereas support is how well the mattress keeps your spine aligned. No matter the comfort rating you choose, always make sure that your bed provides adequate support. Otherwise, your spinal health will deteriorate over time.


We stock a wide range of beds at The Mattress Warehouse. From the very affordable Strandmattress to luxurious Magniflex Beds. A rule of thumb is to spend more on a bed for the master bedroom than for the guest bedroom.


The size of your bed is important. You don’t want to be cramped while you sleep because that can lead to medical complications. Ideally, you should get a bed where both you and your partner can sleep undisturbed and at peace. It is not great to have a bed that is too short, so make sure the bed you buy is long enough.

5 Beds for Sale in South Africa

Now that you know what to look for when buying a bed, it’s time to show you some of the best beds for sale in South Africa. PS. All of the brands we are about to mention made it onto the 2021 bestseller list. Check it out.

Kooi Beds

Kooi beds for sale.
Stylish and oh so comfortable…

A young and upcoming bed brand. Kooi Beds are manufactured locally from the very best state of the art pure foam. Founded in 2006 by ex-Springbok rugby player Jannie Breedt, Kooi was developed to revolutionise sleep. And when you look at the glowing feedback and reviews that Kooi users give, it seems that the founders hit the mark. Designed for active people, this fantastic bed brand is endorsed by quite a few professional athletes.

Some key selling points of the Kooi Bed:

  • Affordable: Ranging between R6000 and R22,000 there is a Kooi out there for everyone.
  • Pure foam: Made from state of the art foam with no calcium fillers, Kooi’s pure foam does not deteriorate over time.
  • Bed in a box: As part of its final stress test, the Kooi Pure Foam series is compressed into a box, which is how you will receive your Kooi.

Sealy Beds

Sealy has some of the best beds for sale on the market.
Sleek and super supportive!

Not only is this one of the best selling bed brands in South Africa, but Sealy is a world-renowned bed! If you’ve ever shopped for beds before, chances are you’ve seen or heard of Sealy. And they didn’t become a well-known name in the industry for nothing. Their beds are engineered to provide the ultimate sleep comfort and support. Furthermore, Sealy beds are made from fantastic materials! From the most luxurious to simplistic and practical beds, Sealy has it all.

Look out for these features when you shop Sealy beds online:

  • Moisture-Protect: wicks away moisture from your body, so you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat.
  • Allergen-Protect: Sealy’s anti-allergenic fabrics are resistant to common household allergens.
  • Climate Control: keeps your body cool throughout the night, for optimal, restorative sleep.

Cloud Nine Beds

Cloud Nine beds for sale.
It may look plain but when you lie on it, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud number nine…

Another proudly South African bedding company! Cloud Nine has been in the business of making quality beds since 1968. Throughout the years, they’ve kept up with bedding technology and today, Cloud Nine is well known for their quality polyurethane foam mattresses.

Some of the best features of Cloud Nine Beds:

  • Zero weight transfer: means that you and your partner won’t notice when the other one is tossing and turning.
  • No-flip technology: Most of Cloud Nine’s mattresses don’t need to be flipped, which makes mattress maintenance just a bit easier.
  • Cooling Blue-Gel: regulates your body temperature for better sleep.

Rest Assured Beds

Rest Assured bed.
Sturdy and reliable.

Yet another fantastic local bed brand! Rest Assured beds are known for their affordable prices and reliability. These beds are perfect for those of you who are shopping on a budget. Moreover, their durability makes Rest Assured beds a great choice for the hospitality industry.

Be on the lookout for these excellent features when shopping Rest Assured beds:

  • Ultra-tough coils: provide excellent support and ensures proper spinal alignment.
  • Unrivalled service warranties: Some of the Rest Assured beds come with a 25-year service warranty.
  • Edge support: maximizes your sleeping surface.

Genessi Beds

Genessi Active Air bed.
Sink into soulful bliss on the Genessi Active Air…

Last but definitely not least. Genessi beds are also manufactured locally and sport a wide range of super comfy and affordable memory foam beds. Because of its quality and affordability, Genessi is a great pick for your master bedroom or the guest room. Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, you can’t go wrong with Genessi!

Here are just some of the fantastic benefits of a Genessi bed:

  • ActiveAir: is a newly developed aeration technology that allows air to flow freely through micro channels in the mattress, keeping your body cool throughout the night for relaxing sleep.
  • Superior Durability: Because of the unique mix of memory foam and speciality foam, Genessi beds keep their shape for longer.
  • Vita-Premium Protection: Every single Genessi bed gets treated with this fantastic nano-technology which repels dust mites and bacteria.

Beds for sale near me?

With free nationwide delivery, all of the beds for sale at The Mattress Warehouse are near you. So head over to our online shop and start browsing for your dream bed. Keep in mind that the brands we showcased here are not the only beds we stock. We have a wide variety of beds and bedroom accessories. Go check it out.

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