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Beds on facebook

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

I was going through my Facebook the other day and I came across a status which read: I’m so tired; all I want is my bed. In that moment I was exhausted myself that I could relate to the status. I immediately hit the like button. I liked the status because I understand the need for a great bed when one is tired.

I’ve seen so many people come into our Midrand showroom and get so comfortable on our beds that they want to nap on them a while longer. To us this is great news because it simply means that we sell quality beds. Silentnight is a new bed brand that recently joined our company, they make the moist comfortable beds which are rather high of height. You can customize their bases as to your preference whether you want a swayed base or a normal fabric base. The beds are all eco-friendly and they have used organic material in their mattresses. This is pure luxury and that is how a bed is supposed to make you feel. You should feel so relaxed on your bed that the moment your head touches it you immediately want to fall asleep. You should never have to compromise yourself by sleeping on the couch when you have a bed. You should rather invest in a sleeper couch. The Mattress Warehouse specializes in quality beds and bedroom furniture sold at affordable prices. We believe you should never have to compromise on your sleep. Call us today on 011 312 8613. We deliver nationwide.

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