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Genessi Beds Are Amongst the best in SA

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Every individual carries a different demand for the level of comfort in his mattress. To choose perfect Genessi beds, you should consider the fact that there are no such mattresses available in the market. They are designed to fulfil the needs of everyone.

You should give priority to those mattresses. This allows you to sleep in a comfortable manner. Helps you to wake up refreshed, and eliminates pain and stiffness from your body.

When you go through the bedding market, you will come across several bedding advertisements. They are claiming that their particular brand is the best. But yet, you should not fall for these captivating advertisements.

Their only purpose is making their product look alluring. No matter what worth the actual product carries. To make a wise decision while choosing a mattress for your home, try keep notice of certain tips and tricks.

This will help you examine the standard of a particular mattress.
If you desire to go for one of the leading bedding brands in South Africa, then Genessi beds are surely amongst the best options.

Genessi has manufactured high-class mattresses. They are making use of modern technology. These robust, long-lasting, breathable, and comfortable beds are no doubt the number one bedding company in South Africa.

Reasons to choose Genessi beds for your home…

There are some basic qualities that every comfortable mattress should carry. As a matter of fact, all those traits are present in Genessi beds. Below are some unique and more favourable specialities of Genessi beds.

  • Provides support

The Genessi beds are created by using high-class technology. This tends to support a wide range of body weights. The mattress does this by keeping the spine aligned. This is a natural remedy for individuals who suffer from severe back pains. Or those who have problems maintaining their body postures during sleep.

  • Durable

The usage of recycled chip foam in the core of the Genessi beds makes them durable. This will also make them long-lasting. This chip foam is used in the core of the Genessi mattress. The compressed chip foam provides high density to the mattress to make it stronger.

  • No motion transfer

You can now sleep in a much comfortable manner. You will not notice any sort of motion created by your partner’s movements.

  • Hygienic

The Genessi beds are designed to counter many unhygienic issues related to mattresses. They treat the mattress with Vita Premium Protection. This protects the individual from dust mites, bacteria, mosquitoes and bed bugs. The foam used in the mattresses is non-allergic. The foam also carries an open cell structure.  It handles breathable properties. Moreover, the Genessi beds have a proper ventilation system. It allows air and moisture to pass through the mattress.

  • Shoulder protection

The superior quality memory foam and latex used in Genessi mattresses ensure shoulder protection. The foam installed to reduce the pressure from shoulders and various other pressure points. This creates a sense of comfort within the human body. The comfort level can be further enhanced by using chip foam in the mattress.

Range of Genessi beds.

The three main ranges of Genessi beds are Classic, Luxury and Deluxe. The three ranges here below.

1. Classic

The main beds which fall under the range of the Classic Genessi beds.

  • Background Plus.
  • Comfort Rest.
  • Superior Rest.
  • Best Rest.
  • Mega Rest.

The properties of these high-quality beds are their durability and response to weight. It also helps with body movement and allows zero movement transfer.

2. Luxury

The Genessi beds which fall in this range.

  • Vitality Beds.
  • Luxury Firm Support.
  • Support Plus.

These luxurious beds carry both memory elastic and resilient poly latex. That counts for the high level of comfort. Moreover, they also help in maintaining proper body postures as it keeps the spine aligned. The enhanced comfort reduce the pressure from certain pressure points of the body.

3. Deluxe

The Genessi beds falling under this range.

  • Body Form Eco Whispers.
  • Deluxe Body Form.
  • Deluxe Elegance.

The deluxe range is manufactured by using memory foam and high resilience poly latex layer. This plays a helping hand in providing body contour support.  It’s regulating the blood circulation and working as pressure point relief as well.

Most popular Genessi beds…

The prestigious bedding company has succeeded in serving its customers for over 80 years. The favourable reviews by the regular users of Genessi have made this bedding company more prestigious. If you are looking for a perfect Genessi bed for your house, then don’t forget to check out some of these Genessi beds.

  • Genessi Comfort Support

The core of the mattress furnished with both comfort and viscous layers.  It makes the feel of the bed more luxurious than ever. Moreover, this durable bed is manufactured by using the Vita Premium Protection. This protects the individual from mosquitoes, bacteria and dust mites.

  • Genessi Vitality Pillow Top

This high-quality Genessi bed is manufactured by using high resilient polyurethane layers and ultra flex. The distinguishing feature of this bed is that it does not carry any restrictions for weight. In fact, it can handle a range of weights.

  • Genessi Body Form Memory Moments

The memory moments mattress created from linen fabric and Belgian circular knit. This environment-friendly mattress uses Flex technology. It ensures extra support, luxurious comfort and motion-free nights.

  • Genessi Motion Beds

The profiled speciality foam mattress combined with the adjustable motion unit to create the Genessi motion beds. To ensure the greatest level of comfort, you can raise your legs, head and body at the single touch of the button.

  • Genessi Support Plus Beds

The high density and durable layers of polyurethane foam used to construct the Genessi support plus. It gives you the privilege of lying down on the best sleeping surface.

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