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Happy Mother’s Day: stay-at-home breakfast in bed ideas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Phew! What a year these last couple of months have been! With everything going on at the moment, you might’ve lost track of the fact that we’re already in the month of May. Maybe you’ve also forgotten about the fact that Mother’s Day is just days away. Don’t worry, we promise we won’t tell Mum! In fact, The Mattress Warehouse is here to help you create a lockdown Mother’s day that will make mom feel special no matter what the circumstances are. With ideas ranging from special treats to shopping for white linen or bedding, we’ve got you covered. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into our tips to making this Mother’s Day a most memorable event. 

1. Breakfast in bed

Let’s start with the basics. Of course, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a traditional breakfast in bed. Spoil your mum with a delectable breakfast in bed. Some great breakfast ideas include:

  • Bacon and eggs English breakfast
  • Scones with cream, jam and cheese
  • Flapjacks with syrup and fruit

Round it all off with a glass of fresh juice, of a cup of steaming coffee to wake mum up. 

2. Present ideas

Making mum’s day even more special can be to spoil her with gifts. Now we all know that certain presents, like jewellery, aren’t for sale at the moment. Also, keep in mind that online shopping orders will most likely only be delivered after Mother’s Day. Therefore, you’ll have to be creative with mum’s gifts. 

a) Beauty care gift-ideas

Luckily, most beauty products are now for sale at Level 4 of lockdown in South Africa. Therefore, the opportunities for beauty gift-ideas are endless! Below are some great beauty care gift-ideas:

  • Relaxing face masks
  • Foot and hand masks
  • Body scrub
  • Hydrating body lotion
  • Set of footcare products
  • Perfume
  • A bath package: Bath salts, bath milk and bath bombs

b) Winter clothing

Does mum need something new for the cold winter that lies ahead? Most stores, like Woolworths, are offering winter clothes for sale online or in-store. How about that new puffer jacket she’s been eyeing all this time? Here are some great winter-related present ideas:

  • Puffer jacket: These jackets are durable, keep clean for long, and are available in fun or muted colours; whichever mum prefers!
  • Winter pj’s: Most clothing retailers are currently running great specials on women’s pyjama sets, robes and slippers for Mother’s Day.
  • Warm socks for winter: Because who wouldn’t love some warm and fluffy socks to spend their lockdown days in? 

c) Winter bedding

Another great gift idea for Mother’s Day is getting mum some winter bedding. Having beautiful white linen or fresh sheets to snuggle up under during the cold months of the winter will make mum feel appreciated every night she goes to bed. 

At The Mattress Warehouse, we sell a wide range of duvet sets, pillows and sheets to spoil mum with this Mother’s Day. With our pristine white bedding range, mum will feel loved every night she goes to bed. For your own safety, you can order mum’s new bedding online. 

Round off her new set of bedding with some beautiful winter throws and scatter cushions to make it all cosy and warm for the chilly winter.

Another great bed-related item you can add to you Mother’s Day gift-ideas bank is a hot water bottle. These inexpensive portable heaters are great to keep mum warm this winter. 

d) Buy a gift voucher

If none of the gift ideas above tickle you enough to spoil mum with, but you still want her to feel loved, you can do so with a gift voucher. Many gift vouchers can be purchased online to avoid you from going to the shops. 

Purchasing gift vouchers online is great because you can even buy this present for mum on the morning of Mother’s Day. These are also great if you want to spoil mum with something that is currently not for sale due to lockdown restrictions.

3. Treat her for the rest of the day

Treating mum for the rest of the day isn’t hard. It can be as simple as making her a cup of tea, or as elaborate as setting up an at-home-spa. Here are some great ideas to spoiling mum during the day:

  • Offer to make her a cup of coffee or tea
  • Set up a day spa experience: Treat mum from her head to her toes with an at-home-spa!
  • Cook her favourite meal: Every person has a favourite meal. Ask your mum what’s hers and cook that for her. For an even more special experience, turn the cooking into a date night for mum and dad to spoil them with some quality time together.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a dull experience because our circumstances are a bit different. Spoil mum with beauty products, warm clothing, white linen bedding or a special gift voucher. 

Now more than ever, mums and dads deserve to feel the appreciation for all the hard work that goes into raising their children. Moreover, celebrating mum doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Simple treats like doing things for her or inexpensive little treats will make her feel most loved by the ones closest to her. 

From The Mattress Warehouse, we wish all moms a happy Mother’s Day!

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