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Stuck at home: shop online for your bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With a COVID-19 lockdown in place, a lot of South Africans are spending all their time at home. You may have noticed a few things in your home that needs improvement or an upgrade. How about your bedroom furniture?

Since all the shops are closed you won’t be able to buy a new bed or other bedroom furniture at our nationwide stores. However, you can still shop for bedroom furniture, beds or mattresses online with The Mattress Warehouse and receive your new bed after the lockdown.* 

Shopping online hosts many benefits. For one, you’ll have access to all our products at a single glance. Therefore, you have a wider selection of products to choose from to suit your individual needs.

However, a lot of South Africans are still quite unsure about shopping online. Even more so, buying a bed online! Surely you have to test it out first? Well, if you follow our tips on how to buy bedroom furniture online, you don’t really have to worry much at all. 

Why buy bedroom furniture online?

Apart from not being able to visit our physical warehouses due to the lockdown, buying a bed online makes so much sense. Firstly, it’s a lot more convenient, since you get to go through the whole process from  the comfort of your own home. Also, buying a bed online works out much cheaper; something you definitely want in times like these!

Are you ready to start your online shopping?

When buying your next bed, definitely consider an online store, such as The Mattress Warehouse. Not only do you get the 100 comfort day trial period (mentioned under section 4), but you also get free delivery at your door when buying your new bed or mattress.

What’s more, you can buy all of your bedding accessories from there as well! So, after buying your new bed, you can also purchase a mattress protector, pillows and even your linen from there. No need to set foot in a retail store!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to The Mattress Warehouse website now; a one-stop-convenient-online shop for all your bedroom necessities.

And it’s really easy too! Browse through our 100’s of beds for sale that are on offer, choose one based on size and comfort level, click add to cart and there you go!

How can I buy a bed online? Your online shopping guide

We want you to stay safe and practice social distancing, so we’ve compiled  a guide on how to go about how to buy a bed online.

Apart from showing you why buying a bed online makes absolute sense, we’ll also walk you through the shopping process by means of a couple of questions:

  1. Who will use the new bed?
  2. What size should the bed be?
  3. How firm/soft should the mattress be?
  4. Will you get to test the bed?
  5. Is it safe to buy online?

1. Who will use the new bed?

Who will use the bed you buy online?
Is the bed for you or for the guest room?

As a starting point, you should get to know the person who will be sleeping in the bed. This will be important in determining the sleep needs through sleeping styles.

The type of bed you want to buy is determined by the way the sleeper sleeps. Sleeping styles and the comfort rating of a bed is directly linked to one another. A correct mattress for the specific sleeping style ensures perfect sleeping posture and, henceforth, a perfect night’s rest!

When buying a bed for couples, it’s crucial to keep both sleepers’ sleeping styles in mind. Therefore, when buying a bed for two people sharing, we recommend buying a medium comfort bed to suit the sleeping styles for both of you.

If the bed is for the guest room or for one of your growing children, also consider buying a medium comfort bed. Children’s sleeping styles differ and change rapidly as they grow, and guests visiting your home will all have different sleeping styles to accommodate.

2. What size should the bed be?

The size of the bed ties in with the first question of who will sleep on the bed.

  • Are you looking to buy a single bed or a double bed?
  • Is the bed for a tall person or an average length person?
  • How many people will be sleeping in the bed?
  • How big is the room?

All of these factors should be considered when buying a new bed. Whether you do it in-store or online makes no difference.

Once again, if you buy a bed online for your teenager, a single mattress should do it. On the other hand, if you and your partner want to upgrade to a new bed, maybe consider getting a queen or even a king size mattress.

Remember, the more space you have on the bed you share with a partner, the better your quality of sleep will be!

You should also consider the space you put the bed in. It doesn’t really make sense to get a bed that takes up all the floor space in your bedroom.

3. How firm/soft should the mattress be?

How hard or soft should your bed be?

Firmness is something that you can’t really test beforehand when buying new beds online. However, we have a comprehensive guides on mattress firmness to make bedroom furniture shopping a breeze!

Like we mentioned before, mattress firmness and sleeping styles are directly linked to one another in creating the perfect night’s rest for you! A correct sleeping posture entails that your spine is well aligned through a proper mattress and adequate head and neck support.

Therefore, choose the right mattress for your (and your partner’s) sleeping styles to create perfect spinal alignment:

  1. Super firm: Back sleepers
  2. Medium firmness: Back sleepers and stomach sleepers
  3. Medium comfort: Most sleeping styles
  4. Nice and soft: Side and back sleepers
  5. Sleeping on marshmallows: Side sleepers and some back sleepers

4. Will you get to test the bed?

A lot of people are concerned about buying a bed online for this exact reason. At The Mattress Warehouse, we completely understand this. That is why we’ve worked in a 100-day comfort trial period for you to test out your mattress, and exchange it, should you not be completely satisfied.

Firstly, you can test out your mattress, whether you’ve bought online or in-store via our 100-day comfort trial period. As long as you adhere to the T’s and C’s you’ll be good to go!

If by the end of the trial, you are not happy with your new bed, you can trade it in for any other bed of equal value. How is that for testing out your new bed?

We’d take that option over hopping from mattress to mattress in a bed shop any day! Just a reminder, to qualify for the 100-day comfort trial, you need to cover your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector. This protector will prevent stains and spills that will forfeit your trial period.

5. Is it safe to buy a bed or mattress online?

Is it safe to buy beds online?
Is it safe to buy beds online?

By now, most online shoppers know that, yes, it is indeed safe to buy something over the internet. However, if you’re new to this online shopping thing we completely understand your concern about safety.

That is why we’re here to ease your mind, and provide some handy tips on how to shop online! Even if you are a regular online shopper, things can still go wrong, so don’t think you can skip this part.

Criminals are getting smarter by the day, so make sure the websites you browse on are safe and secure. Apart from criminal activity, such as credit card fraud, you might also wonder about guarantees, warranties and deliveries.

Will your bed be delivered to the right address? Do you get a service warranty with your online purchase? What if the bed breaks for some random reason? With these questions in mind, here are a few tips on how to safely shop for beds online:

  • Only buy from authorised vendors such as The Mattress Warehouse
  • Don’t ever buy a bed from a second-hand website and expect to get a service warranty or guarantee.
  • Before making your purchase, be sure to read the specifications tab to see what types of guarantees/warranties come with the bed.
  • Never, ever give out credit card passwords over the telephone, fax or email.
  • Don’t give anyone your credit card details. Only type them in when prompted to do so on a secure website.
  • Check that the website’s SSL certificate is current and valid (a locked padlock to the left of the URL in the search bar).
  • Double-check that you gave the correct shipping address before finalising your purchase.
  • Make sure someone is at home when the order is scheduled to be delivered.

If you’d like some more info on safe online shopping, have a look at our Black Friday blog. There is an entire section dedicated to safe online shopping tips.

*Please note that deliveries will be made after the 16th April 2020.

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