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Mattress Protectors, How To Safeguard Your Warranty.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

mattress protectorsDo you use mattress protectors? Are you giving your mattress the proper protection it needs? If not, do you know why the bed industry keeps telling you that a mattress needs protection?

This is because mattress protectors act as a safeguard to the warranty. The warranty is void if your mattress are ripped or stained by accident. This is true, regardless of where you buy your mattress from. Therefore, it is always a very wise decision for one to invest in high-quality mattress protectors. If you want that baby to be well taken care of, you gotta protect it properly!

Since mattress covers have been evolving in these few decades, there are a lot of reasons why buyers should be investing in mattress protection. A mattress cover is designed in order to cover or encase a mattress. This will shield the mattress from dust, spills or allergens as well as protecting it from daily wear and tear. However, mattress covers will also help in reducing turning and tossing by maintaining a consistent temperature of the bed in the micro-climate. Some mattress covers are so advanced that you get to experience very high level of comfort from the mattress!

Proper mattress protectors will give you a lot of benefits when you are sleeping. Never cease to make a good research. Although it seems simple, mattress covers are known to be the protector of your mattresses’ warranty. If you do not want your mattresses’ warranty to be void, invest in high-quality mattress protectors.

If you are currently in the market to buy mattress protectors, topper or pads, we have a good guide on helping you.


Tips on Buying Proper Mattress Protectors.

Why are you protecting your mattress? Mattress protectors will help in preventing your mattress from everyday wear and tear. So, if this is what you are looking for, what type of mattress protectors works best for your needs? The answer, a basic cotton cover.

You want to protect your mattress from spills or liquids? We suggest for you to upgrade it to a waterproof mattress protector. If you want to ensure the health and well-being of you and your sleeping partner, opt for mattress covers with anti-allergen properties. This type of mattress protectors will help in keeping dust mites and pet dander away. Or, perhaps you experience bed bugs? There’s fully-encased mattress protectors that come with barriers to prevent bed bugs. If you want something that offer comfort, we suggest for you to cross over to a multi-functional mattress protector or pad.

Normally, mattress protectors are quilted, padded and have a thin piece of protective sheet. If you need extra comfort from your mattress, the thicker mattress toppers or pads slabs will be able to help you with that. The size, thickness and style of your mattress cover, pad or topper tend to depend on the sleeping habits of you and your sleeping partner. So it is entirely your decision on what to choose. If you are unsure of where to begin, you should start learning about the materials and fabrics first.


Best Mattress Protectors For Temperature Control And Protection.

mattress protectorsIt will definitely be mattress protectors made of cotton with wool and/or latex. A simple cotton-made mattress protector is lightweight, quilted and easily washed with a washing machine.

Simple cotton mattress protectors are quilted, lightweight and machine washable. For dust mite and mold-resistant, opt for mattress pads or toppers with wool and/or latex. These types of mattress protectors tend to be a lot more durable, waterproof or water resistant, and they are generally firmer. However, the downside to this is that it is not machine washable.

An old technology of mattress protection that is still effective today would be wool encased in cotton. Due to its moisture-wicking qualities, it works best in the summer months. In some Restonic mattresses, there is a cutting edge technology called “Outlast” this works well all-year. They don’t just wick moisture away, they also regulate temperature.


For Conforming Comfort Mattress Protectors.

Memory foam mattress protectors may be worth considering if you’re trying to improve the feel of an aging mattress. If you have a sleeping partner, they can also help with reducing motion transfer between the two of you. These types of toppers will conform to your body’s shape and sit on top of an existing mattress. Steer clear if you sleep hot. Most manufacturers will give the recommendation to buyers to use simple mattress protectors along with a wool, latex or memory foam topper.

For Customized Comfort.

If you are in the market for mattress protector shopping, you should also consider the customized comfort. If you have an extra budget, you can always try in creating luxurious mattress protectors filled with feather bed. It is royal-like and you will feel very comfortable. Also, a customized, comfortable mattress protector tends to be lightweight. They are easily cleaned and great for pressure-point relief. All you need to do is hang them outside with fresh air and in sunshine.
Just like memory foam mattress protectors, a customized mattress protector will also be able to absorb heat. Therefore, it is a wise choice for anyone struggling to stay cool on the bed at night. You can also consider a down-alternative mattress pad if you are very concerned about allergies!

Buying mattress protectors should be two things – simple and easy. Do not exaggerate and do not panic. There is always a right mattress protector for everyone. Whether you purchase the already made mattress pad or you casually want to get a customized one, you should always make your comfort as your top priority.
There are a lot of different mattress protectors in the market. All you have to do is search carefully on what you truly want. If you have certain needs or requirements, make sure the salesperson knows exactly what you are looking for. If you want a certain brand, go to the retailer that has them in their store. You do not want to end up with the wrong mattress protector. Above all, we wish you a good night’s sleep!

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