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No More Sleepless Nights with Serta

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

In 1931, 13 mattress manufacturers came together and decided to start a bed company that people around the world would come to know and love – Serta. Because of their high quality, innovative features and outstanding comfort, Serta beds and mattresses have no become widely known as some of the best throughout the industry.

The two top-quality ranges in South Africa are the Perfect Sleeper and SertaPedic range.

Perfect Sleeper mattresses offer advanced comfort and many great support features. The advanced comfort quilt helps reduce tossing and turning at night and the continuous support innerspring system gives proper spinal support. This Mira Coil sleep system offers a higher spring concentration in the centre third of the mattress. Head-to-toe helical wires prevent sleeping partners from rolling towards each other while they sleep and reduces motion transfer and disturbance between partners. High density foam such as latex and other softer foams and fibres increase mattress durability. Extra foam support on the mattress edges provides firmness and prevents that “rolling off” feeling when you sleep close to the edge. A latex comfort layer gives added luxury comfort and support.

The SertaPedic range of mattresses is manufactured using memory and latex foam, with a VertiCoil Premium innerspring core that gives extra support and more surface coverage. Looking a bit more closely at this range, we find that there are three subdivisions – namely, Altieri, Baroque Plush and Como. Altieri and Como are basically the same. Both have the Bonnell Coil system which offers great stability, good back support and adds to the overall firmness of the mattress. Edge supports add firmness to the edges of the mattress, increasing surface area and preventing the sides from sagging. Any lower back stress is greatly reduced by the Posturised Centre that gives support in the centre third of the mattress. The high density foam filling and support layer adds firmness and comfort, and ensures a neutral posture position. The Baroque Plush has exactly the same features as the other two, but with an extra comfort factor – an additional layer of latex foam increases durability and gives a luxurious soft feel.

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