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Organise Your Space: Pros and Cons of Bedside Pedestals

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The clutter is getting too much. Clothes are scattered across the floor. And you don’t even have space to put down your coffee mug next to your bed. Know the feeling? If you have a lot of personal items to store in your bedroom, you’re not alone. Millions of people and families share the same fate. Yes sure, bedrooms have built-in closets for clothes, but is it enough for all the other things you want to store in your room like your medicine, electronics and books? Probably not. And that is why you are browsing for bedside pedestals, right? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading as The Mattress Warehouse explains the pros and cons of bedside storage, and how to go about choosing the bedside table that suits your style.

What Are Bedside Pedestals and Chest Drawers?

A bedside pedestal, or bedside table, is a small table that you place beside the head of your bed. This table is used to put a lamp on and to store items like your medicine, glasses, books and charging cables. There are many different types of bedside pedestals. Some of them have only the top surface for storage, whereas others contain shelves or drawers or a combination thereof. So you can find one that matches the style of your room. 

A chest of drawers is usually bigger than a bedside pedestal and consists of a series of drawers to store your items in. The chest also has space on top to put decorations on or things like makeup and jewellery cases. If you live on your own in a small apartment you can put the chest of drawers at the end of your bed against the wall. You can then store your clothes in the drawers and place functional items, like your TV, on top. It is a great aid if you don’t have built-in cupboards.

What Are the Upsides of Bedside Pedestals?

The Jack Bedside Pedestal.

The Jack pedestal is elegant and sleek – fit for many bedrooms.

1.     It Increases Convenience

We all have a few things that we never leave the house with like our cell phones or our favourite water bottle. In the same way we all have things that we have with us before going to sleep. It could be your cell phone that you scroll through social media on before bed and then use as an alarm in the morning. It could also be a glass of water or a book you are reading before bed. Having a bedside pedestal gives you a space to put all of these things without having to get out of bed to put them away. This way you have the convenience of laying in bed and having all your necessities at arm’s length.

2.     It Creates Storage

How can you keep all your necessities conveniently at hand if you do not have enough storage space for it? You probably don’t want to put your glass of water and favourite book on the floor, do you? With the right bedside pedestal, you should have enough space to keep everything you may need during the night right next to you. From your flashlight to a box of tissues.

3.     Many Options to Fit Your Style

Bedside pedestals come in different styles, designs and materials which means you can choose one that fits your bedroom aesthetic. Whether you’re going for sleek, minimalistic lines or a rustic wooden theme, there’s definitely a bedside table for you. Use these pointers to guide your search:

  • Functionality – Ensure there is enough space to put your nighttime essentials on the pedestal you choose.
  • Symmetry (or asymmetry) – If you share your bed with a partner, having a bedside pedestal on each side of the bed is a good idea. Depending on your decoration theme, try out matching and contrasting pedestals to see what it does for the feel of the room.
  • Personalise – Can you put a favourite action figure, photo frame or bedside lamp on the pedestal to compliment your bedroom aesthetic?

Finding the right pedestal can be a way to round off your room and add that last final touch.

4.     Protects Your Bed

Having a bedside pedestal gives you a place to put your water or any other beverage when you get into bed. If you accidentally spill it you can wipe off the pedestal and be on your way.

What are the downsides of having bedside pedestals?

1. Space

Although bedside pedestals are not that big, they still take up space which could be a problem in a small bedroom. Students or young couples who have their first apartment with a small bedroom may not have enough space for a pedestal let alone two.

2. Cost

A good quality bedside pedestal can cost a lot of money. So you may have to save up some money and shop around first, especially if you are looking for something specific. Luckily we have many options for bedside pedestals online and in-store.

3. Cleaning and Maintaining

Having a bedside pedestal gives you another surface to clean and another surface where objects can accumulate. It can also be another thing to maintain in your house because of the drawers that can break or the wood that can get chipped. This is why you should be prepared to take good care of your pedestal.

4. Clutter

If you’re not careful, your bedside pedestal can soon play host to a couple of dirty mugs and a pile of half-read books. It is a good idea to declutter your room every now and then to avoid this problem.

Buy Bedside Pedestals at The Mattress Warehouse

Now that you know what to look out for when shopping for bedside pedestals, check out our online catalogue to start your search. If you need more storage space then maybe take a look at a chest of drawers. You can also have both if you have enough space and a big enough budget.

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