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Rest Assured beds priced right!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Since I started in the bed industry more than a decade ago, Rest Assured have been one of the best spring foundation companies in South Africa.

Rest Assured beds are build to last with only the best materials inside. Rest Assured have never made their focus the outward apearance of their beds, but rather the quality of the springs and layers of foam inside their beds.

Therefore you are guaranteed of a top of the range bed that will last you more than a decade.

We have the Rest Assured Matrix Tigo on sale at the moment which I believe is one of the best beds you can buy in it’s price class. 

Rest Assured Matrix Range of Beds

The Rest Assured Matrix range of beds are all constructed of  interlocking coil spring systems with 150% more working springs. Basicaly it means that the more weight you put on the mattress, the more the springs pull together. There are no weight restrictions on the Rest Assured Matrix range of beds.

These beds are ideal for the main bedroom or guest room.

Models available :

Give us a call at the Mattress Warehouse for the best deals available on Rest Assured mattresses in South Africa. Call 0861 007 000 today!

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