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Serta Beds – America’s Favourite Bed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

“We Make the World’s Best Mattress”

Currently the average American gets only 6.8 hours of sleep each night, the average South African is not that far behind them. Is that enough sleep? Well, it depends more on the type of person you are and how much sleep is unique to your needs, then it depends on what textbooks say will be enough. Sleep affects your mood, how productive you will be at work the following day and it can even have an effect on your health.

You know already that having a great bed is going to contribute to the hours of sleep that you get but what you don’t know is that the reason why Americans are getting some of the most sleep in the world has a lot to do with their favourite bed: the Serta Bed.

Serta's commitment to innovation has made it widely popular

Looking back to the beginning of Serta

The journey to becoming America’s favourite bed manufacturer started over 75 years ago. Careful attention to detail and a mind for innovation has allowed Serta to become a wildly popular bed manufacturing company that is gaining new fans with each new bed sale. Serta has always been known as an industry leader and they dominate the American mattress market.

Serta is committed to quality and each of the beds that are designed by this company is aimed to give you a deep sleep night after night. For this reason, just one night of sleep on this bed has been enough to send even the most restless American into a sleep trance that allows them to rejuvenate and replenish their energy stocks. It is for this reason that Americans have claimed Serta beds as their favourite.

Serta beds have a history of working with only the finest mattress experts to ensure that their recipe for success remains easy to achieve and is found in every one of the Serta beds that are manufactured.

Quality, comfort and support are just three characteristics of the Serta bed that you will find in every bed that is manufactured under the Serta name.

Finding the best mattress with Serta

The average citizen, regardless of where they are living in the world, is living a rushed modern lifestyle that doesn’t give them the opportunity to slow down and relax. This rushed living can mean that your brain is on the run 24/7 without being given the chance to shut down properly at night. Screens in your face the whole day and constantly having to live life at full speed is enough to interrupt even the most solid sleeper.

Although a lifestyle change will do wonders in turning around the effects of rushed living, sometimes your body needs that extra bit of encouragement to rest. This is where the Serta bed will become your sleep saviour. Every part of the Serta bed is designed with your sleep in mind. The beds are designed to support you night after night, regardless of the position in which you sleep and they are designed to never create painful pressure points that will interrupt your sleep.

Serta - We make the worlds best mattresses

The spring systems and the tough but comfortable foams are what makes the beds in this range so fantastic. Serta beds favours the Bonnell Coil system while some of the beds are fit with a continuous coil system or an offset system. These springs support your nightly movements so that regardless of what position you sleep in, the bed will support you in all the right ways. Serta beds have pocketed coils which give the bed a longer lifespan as each coil is wrapped to prevent it from breaking the foams and fibres which surround it. The coil systems within these beds are also designed to prevent sleeping partners from waking each other up during the night when they move around.

The foam is where the pure luxury usually lies in any bed, the Serta bed is no different. The density of each foam layer will differ from each Serta mattress but the result of each use of foam is snug comfort. Serta uses latex foam and memory foam to guarantee the highest possible amount of pleasant, rejuvenating sleep night after night. These foams are designed to comfortably hold your body each night. Some of the special features of these foams are that they are breathable and they are great at regulating temperatures.

Are you ready to change the type of sleep you get? Are you ready to transform your waking world? Have a look at the Serta bed range at The Mattress Warehouse, we have the Serta bed for you to indulge in. Spoil yourself with America’s favourite mattress!

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