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Serta Beds Will Suit Everyone’s Needs

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Serta bedsEveryone desires to have a good and a comfortable sleep. There are numerous benefits of a perfect sleep on one’s overall health and the state of mind. A relaxing sleep refreshes one’s mood, and enables the individual to perform better during his waking hours.
However, there are still many individuals who suffer from sleeplessness. There are many reasons which usually become an obstacle in attaining a comfortable sleep. Some of these factors include stress, busy routine, medical illness like insomnia, and many more. However, if you feel uncomfortable while sleeping on your mattress, maybe it’s the time to go for a new one!
Serta beds have specifically designed certain beds and mattresses for your comfort. We all spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds. So, why not spend on something that is worth the investment! Your bed is actually one of the important pieces of furniture for your home. So, you should be very cautious, while purchasing this essential item for your home, and should hesitate while spending some extra on it. In fact, you should change your mattress after every 8 to 10 years.
In order to get the best quality beds and mattresses for your home, Serta beds are surely amongst one of the best options. You can choose a perfect piece from Serta, which suits your demands and needs. A wide range of unique Serta beds is available in the market. You just need to look for the one which meets your needs perfectly.

Serta Beds

For the past 75 years, Serta has maintained their reputation in providing quality bed products to their consumers. This company has emerged to become one of the leading bed manufacturers in the market for bedding. It is well known for its world class record of manufacturing and designing splendid products.
Serta has gained several awards in recognition of providing quality beds to its consumers. It has attained best rating of the customer digest buy. Moreover, in 2014, Serta also won the women’s choice award for the most recommended mattresses, pillow and box spring.

Serta beds being Eco-Friendly

In order to ensure comfort, Serta has designed a wide variety of matters offering varying levels of comfort, as per the desire of the consumer. Serta beds have been actually voted as the world’s best beds. Apart from supplying high quality beds, Serta makes sure that the material used to manufacture Serta beds are environment friendly too. This means that the production process of the Serta beds does not affect the environmental lifecycles, as Serta prefers to use materials which are recycled and sustainable as well.
The components used to make Serta beds are environment friendly. The innerspring and the box springs used in Serta beds are made up of 95% recycled steel. Moreover, the company uses woods sourced, which is sourced from sustainable forests. The latex used the Serta mattresses is anti-microbial. Furthermore, the Serta’s foam does not use CFCs, mercury, PBDE flame-retardants, or any other harmful materials for its manufacture.

Serta beds in South Africa

Serta is one of the leading bed providers company in South Africa. It has gained a firm footing in South Africa, because of its reputation of providing high quality beds and its mattresses. This is one of t for sale in South Africahe most trusted bedding companies in South Africa.
Two main types of Serta beds are widely preferred in South Africa, which are the Perfect Sleeper and the Sertapedic. Although, both these products of Serta utilize innerspring technology, but they differ in some terms too!
The Sertapedic beds
The Sertapedic beds are manufactured by using locally manufactures six turn, pocket spring system and a high coil count power coil system. The Sertapedic mattresses basically feature the SertaFlex innerspring support system, which offers more coverage to the mattress from head to toe. This feature actually helps in providing enhanced comfort and support to its consumer.
The perfect Sleepers
Perfect sleepers are manufactured by using imported continuous coil system. This makes the perfect sleepers more suitable for heavier individuals. The unique features of the Perfect Sleeper mattress help combat five major sleeping problems:

  • Tossing and turning
  • Lack of support
  • Partner disturbance
  • Mattress Roll-Off or Sag
  • Uncomfortable surface temperature of the mattress

Serta beds for sale

Serta bedsIn order to get a Serta bed for your home, you must visit your local bedding stores first. If you find going to the market a hectic job, then the easiest way to do so is to call your local stores. You can ask them about the available Serta beds. Especially about the one you want for your home. However, you must keep in mind that paying some extra for your order should not be a matter of concern. Getting something in order surely requires some extra expense.
This technology oriented world has made your job easier to some extent. You can also look for Serta beds online too. You only need to look for a reliable bedding website. This website will make you familiar with all the available products of Serta beds. Moreover, by comparing the features, and prices of each Serta bed, you can make a better choice according to your budget and needs.
You can also sign up with the bedding websites. In this manner, you will be able to get in touch with all the deals, especially about the sales on the Serta beds. The sale of the Serta beds usually carries all the types of Serta beds at a much affordable price.
Moreover, the sale of the Serta beds also allows you to buy Serta beds in bulk. Purchasing Serta beds from a sale is a very convenient opportunity for the ones who desire to buy a number of Serta beds for their hotels or resorts.
The retailers on these websites will also fully guide you as how you can fully gain benefit from the sale of the Serta beds. They will guide you in the best possible manner about all the information required to purchase a perfect Serta bed for your house.

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