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Serta Beds for Sale

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Serta Beds Supports the Entire Body And We Have Special Offers

Luxurious beds that support the entire body are the first choice for many South Africans. This bed brand and the range of beds that it manufactures are designed to give you additional support no matter how you sleep, guaranteeing that each night of rest is going to provide you with the top quality sleep that you need. With their trademarked World’s Best Mattress statement, you can be sure that your Serta mattress is a high quality long lasting investment in your sleep health.

With 75 years of experience within the industry, Serta Beds offers customers the comfort and the support that they need. The body needs a certain amount of support each night in order for you to feel rested and refreshed. Under the Serta Bed range the following high quality beds are among some of the more popular choices: Perfect Touch Box Top Bed, Perfect Touch Comfort Bed, Perfect Touch Firm Bed, Perfect Touch Plush Bed and Perfect Touch Pocket Technology Bed. Serta is also known for its Sertapedic range of beds.

Spring Systems

The Serta Beds are able to set themselves apart from other bed manufacturers through the use of different spring systems. It is the spring systems that are designed to give the body just the right amount of support. Some of the beds within the Serta Bed collection have a Bonnell Coil System, a continuous spring system or an offset spring system. The spring sets are able to move with your body ensuring that your body is supported during the night as you move around while sleeping. The continuous support will also mean that the movements of a sleeping partner will not disturb your rest by waking you up. The coils within most of the Serta Beds will be individually wrapped to protect the delicate materials and fabrics which are within the bed.

Serta Bed for sale

The springs along with the different foams within the mattress will guarantee that your night is as restful as possible. The density of the foams within the mattress will differ, adding to the quality of sleep that you will have.

Serta Beds offers you the choice between latex foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses. The latex foam mattresses are both highly resilient and they allow air to pass through them which means that they are breathable while also being able to stay fresh. These mattresses are also able to control the temperature of the mattress so that your sleep will not be interrupted by the heat or by the cold. The memory foam mattresses are designed to take on the shape of your body, moulding itself to your shape. This will reduce the movement of the sleeper as well as prevent pressure points that can be very painful.

Some of the added benefits of the beds are that they are treated with an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial which will ensure that the dust and the other materials that might fall onto the mattress will not affect the sleeper. The different fabrics used to cover the beds such as the knitted ticking will also add to the comfort of the beds. Serta Beds are available with warranties and guarantees.

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