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Silent Night, Comfortable Night

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

This new bed and mattress range has only the best to offer in terms of improved technology, style, support and especially comfort. Silentnight beds and mattresses come in many different types of textures, designs and sizes – all to suit your unique taste and lifestyle.

The comfort of this range is like no other. They make you feel relaxed and tranquil. The specific springs distribute your weight evenly, thus taking weight off your joints. These springs also ensure minimal partner disturbance.

The two types of new and improved springs are called miracoil and mirapocket.


Miracoil technology involves one long continuous length of wire that coils into hundreds of springs which make up the whole mattress. This type of technology ensures zoned support for your back, keeping your spine in a healthy alignment. It also offers pressure relief, more sleep space and less partner disturbance.

Mirapocket technology has a slightly different make up but with the same benefits. These mattresses are made up of individual responsive springs found in separate fabric pockets. Each of these spring pockets help to absorb and spread your weight evenly and the springs reach all the way from the one edge of the mattress to the next, for maximum sleeping space. Silentnight ecofibres are also integrated into these mattresses and are scientifically proven to keep you cool and prevent overheating.

Ecofibres have unique elastometric binders that mould to the shape of your body very much like memory foam does, but allows the circulation of air, thus allowing your mattress to breathe. These odourless fibres do not emit volatile organic compounds and are not treated with potentially harmful chemical substances, making them extremely safe and also recyclable. The fibres are hypoallergic and dust-mite resistant.


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