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Taking care of your Memory Foam Mattress

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

What is a memory foam mattress?

In order to take proper care of your Memory Foam Mattress, it is important to understand what your memory foam mattress consists of. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information. This information will equip you to take care of your Memory Foam Mattress.

Manufacturers make memory foam mattresses from a Polymer, the same material they use to fabricate couches and car seats. Factories initially produced these mattresses to provide solutions for some challenges people face when using regular spring-based mattresses.

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Reduced movement transfer.

Memory foam mattresses fulfil the need for a partner to be able to turn over during the night without disrupting the sleep of the other.

Comfortable and pressure free.

Another reason that memory foam mattresses are so popular is that they are incredibly comfortable. They are remarkably dense which means that painful joints remain pressure free. These mattresses support the body far more efficiently and gently than an ordinary spring mattress. There is no risk of annoying stitch work irritating the skin through sheets.

Memory foam mattress good feel

Smooth, soft, sleep-time-surface.

As the mattress ages, there is no chance of a rude awakening with a spring breaking while the sleeper turns in the middle of the night. An older mattress does not begin to slowly deteriorate from the inside out, causing the sleeper to feel as if they are lying on a torture rack of hard springs. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses do not disturb one’s rest by creaking with every slight movement in the dead of night. Smooth, soft and supportive surfaces ensure that nighttime rest is a supremely comfortable and silent experience.

Organic, natural, worker-friendly mattress.

Additionally, there are now natural, organic and worker-friendly options available. Increasing awareness of working conditions worldwide demands good management of factory workers Healthy and environmentally-friendly products are gaining rapidly in popularity.

Enduring quality.

Memory foam mattresses are enduring and far outlive their springy counterparts. Although the foam itself is a result of complex scientific processes, that is where the complexity ends. Besides the foam, further inner mechanisms do not exist. Apart from the fabric cover, the same material exists throughout, and that is the only element that occasionally requires your loving care and attention.

High-density mattress.

Moreover, because of their high density, they do not provide as ideal an environment for dust mites. However, completely avoiding dust mites is not possible.

The importance of keeping your Memory Foam Mattress Clean

Over a period of one year, we lose approximately one hundred and seventeen litres of sweat while we sleep. Natural skin oils add to this almost invisible soiling of your mattress, undermining the integrity of the fabric if you ignore the need for cleaning. Our skin sloughs off at a rate of thirty to forty thousand cells every hour. Every mattress supporting two people has to deal with double the quantity of natural body fluids, heat and dead skin.

Dust mites, bacteria, fungus, and mould thrive in humid environments that simultaneously provide ideal fodder. These infestations lead to allergy issues, and ultimately their compounding side effects can threaten long-term health. Unwanted lifeforms in a mattress can disrupt sleep cycles by causing sneezing or skin irritations.

Consequently, it is vital to your immediate and long-term health and wellbeing to clean your mattress routinely.

Some of the downsides of traditional memory foam mattresses make it even more imperative to regularly and thoroughly clean your bed. This type of memory foam tends to trap body heat. High temperatures lead to discomfort and inhibit the pituitary from producing sufficient amounts of Melatonin. Good hormonal balance is essential for adequate sleep.

Regardless of the type of memory foam mattress you purchase, regular cleaning is imperative. Your mattress will last longer, and you will enjoy better health.

How to clean your memory foam mattress

Being well-prepared transforms any project into a manageable and simple step by step procedure. Comprehensive toolkits turn this enterprise into an experience that is easy to duplicate twice a year.

Prepare your vacuum cleaner

Wash the vacuum brushes you will need the following morning to give them time to dry well in readiness for use. Wipe your vacuum cleaner, and it’s pipe free of any dust that may accidentally rub off onto your mattress.

Your mattress cleaning toolkit.

Memory foam mattress cleaning kit

Have a small bucket ready for use, as well as a soft bristle brush, a few cloths and a large sieve. All tools must be spotless. Empty spray bottles are an essential part of your mattress-cleaning toolkit. Add a bottle of mild dishwashing liquid, distilled white vinegar and baking soda to your toolbox and you have everything that you need to freshen up your mattress.

Remove and wash your bedding.

Remove all bedding, filling your washing machine with items that are machine washable. Place all washable pillows and duvets into the bathtub to soak well in a solution of a little washing powder and a few cups of naturally distilled white vinegar. Using too much powder makes it a challenge to remove the soapiness after washing thoroughly. For a deep clean, soak overnight in summer and use some old sheets to sleep on.

Vacuum every nook an cranny.

Get an assistant to help you with the mattress the next day, particularly when it comes to lifting and turning. Your first step is to vacuum every nook and cranny of the entire surface area. Apply the vacuum three times to all areas to eliminate any invisible dust from skin debris. Meticulous cleaning means a dust mite-free sleep environment.

Vinegar and water your spot-cleaning-solution.

Secondly, address any spots that your mattress has accumulated over time. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of three-quarters vinegar and one-quarter water. Moderately spray the relevant areas and gently rub with a soft cloth to ensure proper penetration of the marks. Leave to soak for twenty minutes. Ensure the surface area is wet but do not saturate the mattress right through. It is a good idea to spray the remaining sections with the same solution lightly. Severe stains and odours may need undiluted vinegar.

Bicarbonate of soda for odours.

Fill your sieve with bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle generously over the entire surface area. Leave for two hours or longer for the baking soda to absorb the vinegar solution lifting out the stain. Odours from months of use will magically disappear. Repeat the process on the other side of the mattress.

Place it in a clean place with excellent ventilation. Outdoors in dappled shade on a hot day is best. Lay it on a spotless tarp and turn after a few hours to dry the other side. Give both sides two sets of three or four hours to guarantee a perfectly dry mattress. Large wrought iron patio tables are ideal, allowing for maximum ventilation during the drying process. Most importantly the mattress must lay entirely flat.

Things to watch out when cleaning your Memory Foam Mattress.

Plan ahead and get some help.

Attempting to approach this project alone is unwise. Cleaning your mattress is good for your longterm health as long as you do not overstrain your back and neck while cleaning it. Getting someone to assist you is crucial.

Do not use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent.

Do not use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner. Three percent solution may be perfect for spring mattresses; however, it severely damages the texture and colour of memory foam.

Use a gentle washing technique.

Avoid vigorous rubbing when removing stains or odours. The composition of a memory foam mattress means that it is more vulnerable to damage from this type of treatment. Fortunately, vinegar and bicarb do the work for you.

Avoid artificial heat and use lukewarm water.

Intense heat ruins memory foam. Utilise only cold or lukewarm water. When applying artificial heat to accelerate the drying process, ensure the air flows over the surface instead of directly towards it. Do not expose the mattress directly to intense sunshine. On a warm, sunny days dry the mattress in the dappled sunlight under a tree.

As with any mattress, memory foam must be completely dry before you put the bedding on. Mildew could sabotage your gallant cleaning efforts if you do not have the patience to wait long enough. Your bed may require up to two or three days to properly dry out if the weather is cold or damp.

Completely avoid any wringing of the mattress for fear of destroying the integrity of the foam.

How to keep your memory foam mattress clean

It is always best to start off as you mean to continue. Ideally, when you first get your mattress, allow it to air. Chemical smells and residues can be a little overpowering and disruptive to sleep.

Alternatively, obtain a natural organic memory foam mattress. By far the healthier option, they are good for your health and the environment. Manufacturers use natural foams of Hevia milk from Indonesian rubber plantations. Choose sources that apply worker-friendly conditions and child-free labour from start to finish.

Purchase a Mattress Protector.

Before putting your bedding on, cover the Memory Foam Mattress with a quality, waterproof mattress protector. The waterproof mattress protector will protect the mattress from natural body emissions or coffee spills.

Do not despair if you have not done so from the very beginning. It is never too late to start afresh. Get a waterproof mattress cover before you do your cleaning and put it on afterwards to maintain its newly pristine condition.

Flip and turn and vacuum your mattress regularly.

vacuum your memory foam mattress

Although these mattresses do not require turning and flipping, it is always beneficial to do so on a regular basis. Wear and tear will occur more evenly and slowly. Sleeping in different areas of the mattress will result in more comfortable sleep for you too. Flipping and turning allows the mattress to air which is a good way of discouraging dust mites, bacterial growth and mildew.

Vacuuming your mattress spotlessly clean on a monthly basis is a simple process. Preferably do so at the same time as turning and flipping making it the perfect time to vacuum both sides. Thoroughly removing crumbs, dust and skin cells in this manner will discourage dust mites and other bacteria.


Your mattress is a valuable investment in your health and wellbeing. Memory foam mattresses are more pricey than many ordinary mattresses. Understandably, you will desire to prolong the lifespan of your new mattress. Simple yet effective cleaning methods are easily accessible. Sleeping on a mattress you know to be clean and fresh puts your mind at rest. Healthy nights of rejuvenating sleep and a longer mattress life reward your extra efforts.




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