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Why is Serta’s memory foam so popular?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Serta Mattress Range

Looking for a memory foam mattress at a high international standard, long lifetime, and cooling gel to keep it from being too hot? Maybe you’re looking for a Serta mattress, the original inventors of cooling gel in memory mattresses, who have been in business since 1933 and holds the position of the top U.S. mattress manufacturer. Maybe you’re looking for The Mattress Warehouse to help you find the perfect bed to suit you and your bedroom, giving you the night’s sleep you deserve. A little bit more about Serta mattresses:

Serta has a large range of models with different firmness levels in both coil and foam, although memory foam and their advancements in it are what they are famous for:

The iComfort is a mid-to-luxury level memory foam mattress. All iComforts have a 15 cm foam base and one or more layers of memory foam in the comfort layer, usually gel-infused to make sure you sleep comfortably. Some models also contain one or more layers of regular foam in the comfort layer. The iComfort helps for back pain, meaning you’ll wake up every morning without pain and stiffness, and because it’s foam, has good motion isolation. Motion isolation ensures that partners don’t disturb each other.

The iComfort also has good edge support, which is important for a memory foam mattress, ensuring that it doesn’t sag around the outside and limit your sleeping space. The mattress is no flip, totally silent, extremely comfortable and durable. Here are a few of its beds:

Prodigy Mattress

Serta iComfort prodigy is a luxurious mattress that is built to offer comfort and support to its users. The support comes from latex foam with Gel memory. The gel offers a cooling effect and has antimicrobial properties to ensure your mattress is protected from bacteria and mould. The mattress adapts to your body while you sleep to offer you comfort and support in the areas that are needed, like your lower back, which has a natural s-curve. It has Cool Reaction™ Slow Recovery Latex Foam that is designed to complement the pressure-relieving support of the Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam and give you that cradle feels that will put you to sleep right away.

Wellbeing Mattress

This mattress has no latex, making it softer than the Prodigy. The Wellbeing bed is composed of 16 cm of base foam, covered by 5 cm gel memory foam as a comfort layer. Cool, comfortable, and with all the properties of memory foam, including lower back support, no pressure point pain, and a bed that prevents tossing and turning (including turning/flipping of the mattress itself), but with strong support underneath.

Genius Mattress

Serta’s iComfort Genius features CoolAction Gel Memory Foam (cool and comfortable sleep all summer long, warm all winter), and revolutionary memory foam infused as a liquid into the foam on creation, with the cool touch and support of Serta’s MicroSupporto gel which is designed to ensure that the memory foam doesn’t deteriorate over time. Your mattress is also safe from potential allergens, as it is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. This bed is ideal for those who want the benefits of memory foam, but prefer a firmer feel that memory foam typically gives.

 Renewal Refined Mattress:

The Serta iComfort Renewal Refined Mattress features Serta’s latest brag rights in sleep technology: the CoolAction Gel Energy Foam! Infused with the “cool touch” of Serta’s MicroSupport gel, the foam responds to body pressure to offer unparalleled comfort and support by sinking under heavy pressure and supporting lighter pressure areas. Sleep is more restful and relaxing with multiple layers of cool comfort, as the gel does not the hinder the memory foam’s magic, but still keeps you cool. The mattress is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant to protect you from potential allergens, respiratory diseases and bacteria in your mattress. This mattress is the softest among the three mentioned here.

These are just a few of the mattresses offered by Serta, The Mattress Warehouse carries far more, some of which are much thicker than these average mattresses. To enquire, call 0861 007 000 or browse our website to order a Serta, the memory foam mattress that’s cool, supportive, and affordable. We also sell pocket coil beds and hybrids, like the Silentnight continuous coil and memory foam beds. 

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