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Why Should You Choose Bedding Sets Wisely?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

bedding setsWhen it comes to choosing bedding sets, we tend to compare one brand to another before finally deciding on which bedroom sets to buy. Bedding sets are the final touch to your whole bedroom look and it defines who you are and how you want to represent your bedroom. If you choose the wrong bedroom sets, your whole bedroom will look completely the opposite of what you want it to be.

Every attribute of a product will be affecting the value and quality when it comes to selecting bedding sets. There are a few materials you need to consider when it comes to choosing bedding sets. Bedroom sets can be made of man-made fibers or all-natural, or they can be the blend of both materials. By depending on your preferences and requirements, you should already know which material suits you best when you are sleeping.

Bedding Sets Natural Fibers

Natural fibers include (but not limited to) flax, silk, cotton or wool and all of these have inherent subtleties and irregularities which contribute the natural look and beauty of bedding sets. If you purchase bedding sets that are made of natural fibers, you can be sure of the porosity and absorbency are the primary advantages that will make you very comfortable while lying in your bed. The natural fiber bedding sets are responsive to the changes in humidity, temperature and will ensure that you are sleeping peacefully at night. However, with natural fiber fabrics, you will tend to see more wrinkles after every wash. Therefore, we suggest for you to quickly remove your bedding sets from the washer and dryer after you are done.

Bedding sets Artificial Fibers

Bedding sets that are made of artificial fibers usually have rayon or viscose as their main materials. These are all man made fibers which come from natural law materials, derived from plant protein or cellulose. Some of the most recognizable fabrics nowadays include (but not limited to) modal, Tencel and rayon made of bamboo. Bedding sets which are made of artificial fibers tend to be more durable and they have the same good qualities of the natural fiber linens. Bedding sets with man-made materials tend to be dyed with bright, vibrant colors, softer and more absorbent. Also, they tend to be well-equipped with anti-bacterial properties to make sure your hygiene is maintained.

Bedding sets Synthetics

Nylon, acrylic and polyester are all synthetics and they are man made products made from petrochemicals. Bedding sets that are made of synthetics can be dyed with more vibrant and bright colors than the ones which are made of natural fiber fabrics. Also, bedroom sets with synthetics as their main materials will be resistant to wrinkling. However, bear in mind that every advantage of a product, may come with disadvantages as well. Bedding sets made of synthetics tend to have low absorbency and porosity and if you are staying in a country that is too warm and with high level of humidity, we do not suggest for you to buy synthetic-made bedding sets as it can be very uncomfortable as time passes by.

Bedding sets Blends

If you are looking for bedding sets which offer both advantages of two different fabrics, you should start looking for bedroom sets with blended materials. Any blends are the combination of two or more different fibers. A successful blend will exhibit the required and desired qualities of all, but most of the time, the fiber will present in the highest percentage when it comes to the domination of the fabric. Let’s say, bedding sets which are made of cotton linen blend will offer you all the best characteristics of linen such as the natural luster and crisp texture. However, at the same time, it will also exhibit the characteristics of cotton such as less shrinkage and an improved strength.

Do bedding sets Thread Count Matters?

One of the most advertised attribute of bedding sets are the thread count. However, contrary to popular belief, depending solely on the thread count is not very accurate as this will not help you indicating the true quality of a material. What is thread count? Well, a thread count is simply the number of yarns of fabric in a square inch. Thread counts can now range to over 1200 through the advanced technology in weaving. Therefore, this eliminates the belief of the “more thread counts, the better”. The most important aspect of all is knowing the quality of the material of the bedding sets you are about to buy. Thread count is no longer as accurate as you once thought it was.

Quick Tips for Choosing Bedding Sets

bedding setsIf you prefer to have cool, crisp and smooth bedding sets, we suggest for you to go with bedroom sets that are made of cambric, voile, batiste or percale. Plain weave fabrics tend to be prone to wrinkling and in order to minimize the process of ironing, you can dry your bedding sets at a wrinkle-release setting or on a low temperature.

If you want to have highly lustrous, silky smooth and soft bedding sets, you can go for the sateen-made linens. They will wrinkle less and feel softer when you touch. However, it is not as durable as the previous fabrics we mentioned due to the nature of the weave.

If you tend to feel cold and need bedding sets that will keep you warm, go for jersey or cotton flannel bed linens. These fabrics will keep you cozy and warm in bed and they are the least prone to wrinkles. You can wash and then dry your bedding sets on the warm temperature settings before removing them quickly from the dryer.

Each material has different benefits and the disadvantages. The right bedroom sets will make a huge difference between the restless night’s sleep and the restful one. With so many kinds of mattresses, pillows and sheets on the market, it tends to get pretty tricky to find the right bedding sets for you. However, we suggest for you to not compromise on the quality simply because you love the inexpensive price of certain bedroom sets. You need to make your own comfort as the top priority and only the right bedding sets will be able to grant you the coziness you are looking for.

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