Do you want to wake up having slept well and feeling rested rather than feeling tired?

Like almost everyone Monday morning, this morning I looked down at my bed while I was walking out and thought how much I’d love to crawl straight back into it and fall asleep again. Which, obviously, I couldn’t do, I had to eat breakfast and leave. But even if I could’ve, I remember how it feels to stay in bed late (especially after getting up): I get a headache, I feel lethargic the whole day, and I don’t do anything productive. What I really want, what I think everyone wants, is to wake up feeling recharged, energetic, and ready for the day, rather than simply wanting to wallow in my blankets for another few hours.

Just want to crawl back into bed?
Just want to crawl back into bed?

What can you do to bust that morning funk?

Well, speaking of waking rejuvenated, why not try Simmons’ Beautyrest Oxy plus beds?

sleeping well negative ions

The fabric on Simmons’ mattresses are enhanced with a technology called Oxy2 Plus. The purpose? To make every night like sleeping in a forest. No, not scratchy, noisy, and spooky, but with fresh air that rejuvenates your body going into your lungs, and waking feeling rested and ready for the day. It does this through releasing negative ions from the fabric while you sleep. Negative ions are released by trees, waterfalls, and nature, whereas harmful positive ions are released by everything electronic in our lives. In an era where most of us live and work in the city, the constant exposure to negative ions makes us tired and slow. The therapy from your negative ion Simmons mattress will put you up to speed again.

sleeping well on simmons

Simmons mattresses are also very beneficial for a great night’s sleep because they will keep back ache at bay, and make you sleep without tossing and turning, meaning that you’ll wake up more rested. This is because Simmons’ beds are made with pocket coils. Pocket coils are a type of springs used in mattresses from the 1800’s. They are great inside a mattress because they support the entire body. The way they do this is by being independent from each other, meaning that pressure on one pocket coil won’t affect the one next to it. This is great because it means if your hips, which are heavier, press into the mattress, your lower back will still get full support. It’s also the ideal material to stop couples from disturbing each other during the night, since one person moving around doesn’t affect the sleeping surface of the other person’s.

sleep well pocket coils

Buy a Simmons mattress from The Mattress Warehouse here.

Even if you don’t go with a high tech Simmons bed, there are several others that are also made with pocket coils. Rest Assured beds have some great pocket coils beds, as do Edblo. Both of these are lower on the price range than a Simmons, and do not have the Oxy Plus fabric. What they do have is the capacity to give you a very restful night’s sleep, which will greatly improve how you wake up. To buy these beds, call us on 0861 007 000 or simply go online and order a bed, and get it delivered to your door for free.