Why should you buy a Simmons?

Simmons is an American bed brand. They are the oldest pocket coil beds in the industry, started over 100 years ago. At The Mattress Warehouse, we love Simmons because of their service excellence, amazing products, and their constant innovation that places them ahead of any coil manufacturer. In this day of mass production, Simmons still manufactures their own coils, meaning that they have complete control of the way the coils are made and the thickness (gauge) of the wire used. If you’re looking for a new mattress that will last you a long time, provide you with total comfort and support, and meet your needs, then Simmons is the way to go.


The Simmons Crescendo is a pillow top mattress with memory foam, their top of the range mattress in South Africa. There are layers of memory foam in the pillow top, with a support layer and a comfort layer over that. In the bottom part of the mattress are the famous Simmons pocket coils. The Simmons Crescendo is a special bed for a variety of reasons: It is the only bed in South Africa that has American NASA memory foam. Memory foam, although originally invented in the 1930’s by a scientist called Yost, is attributed to NASA. NASA was the original producer of memory foam, and they developed (with Yost’s help) it from its first crude beginnings to what it is today. NASA used an still uses the memory foam for the seats in spaceships and monitoring systems, because the astronauts need something that they can comfortably sit in for what could be days at a time. Memory foam also take impact extremely well, preventing injuries. This means that NASA memory foam is the best engineered and most well advanced memory foam available. It’s the best kind of memory foam on the market, and it is sold to two mattress companies only: Tempur and Simmons. In South Africa, Simmons has their own factory that manufactures memory foam here for some of their beds, but it’s not near the feeling of the NASA foam, which is why the Crescendo has such an unbeatable feeling of comfort. Married with Simmons pocket coil, the Crescendo is one of the best possible plush mattresses to sleep on. The Crescendo uses Simmons medium thick wire gauge for its coils, meaning it provides medium firm support under the pillow top. 

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Another factor that sets all Simmons beds aside, including the Crescendo, is that their fabrics and foams are still sewn together in the old fashioned way. Mass produced beds have the foam layers glued together, and even the fabrics are glued at the edges. Simmons sews their layers with a strong double stitch along the outside, and quilts their foam layers and ticking (the outside fabric) together, rather than gluing. Although glue makes production much faster, body heat and movement loosens the glue from the foam eventually and causes it to shift around and make bulges after a few years. Simmons’ superior quality sewn foams can’t shift internally, as they are all sewn together.


The Simmons Backcare5 is so called because it support the five zones of the body: Head and neck/shoulders, lumbar (upper back), lower back and knees/feet. This bed was designed specifically to support those with back injuries or who have had operations. Its 5 support zones are soft at the feet, firm under the knees, soft under the hips, firm under the shoulders, and soft again under the head. This keeps a sleeper’s spine in perfect alignment, and minimises all pain and stiffness that might arise from sleeping on another mattress.

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Simmons mattresses are made with the best quality pocket coils, which are manufactured individually by Simmons, which makes them very heavy. Their high density foams are also very heavy, and the mattresses as a whole need overall supports, otherwise the pocket coils sink down through the slats and create waves where the base slats are. This is why you shouldn’t put a Simmons mattress on a sleigh bed base without a piece of chipboard to equalise the weight distribution. Simmons bases themselves are made much stronger than normal platform bases, using 9 slats rather than 5, with a solid platform on top. The 9 slats support the mattress better and the flat wooden platform makes sure that the coils don’t slip through the slats. If you buy a Simmons mattress only, make sure that your base will support your mattress adequately.

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The Mattress Warehouse sells the Crescendo, Backcare5, Luxury and every kind of Simmons mattress, including the Majestic range, which are backed by Simmons at warehouse prices. We deliver nationwide, so that you won’t have to manhandle the extremely heavy mattresses and bases onto a bakkie yourself. Call us today on 0861 007 000 for more information, or buy your Simmons mattress now:BuyNowRed 


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