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Bed Spring Types

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Looking at the market with very little bed knowledge can be very confusing. If you are interested in what’s inside different beds that make them good beds, and how they serve us, you may have felt a little overwhelmed with information. Beds are made with either coils (springs) or different types of foam. These different bed types also feel different and make beds that react in unique ways. None are better than the other, but everyone has a preference based on their own body type and the way they sleep. Here’s a bit more about spring beds and the different springs used.

Bonnell Coils

Thinner in the middle to help them compress. These are springs that are hourglass-shaped. They are knotted together at the top and bottom of each coil, making them very stable. These springs are easy and affordable to make, so are generally in lower-priced beds. They are pleasantly firm, not too bouncy, and have a stable support system, making a great bed for everyday use. Beds that use Bonnell coil springs are: The Majestic Range, The Spinalign Range, Rest Assured Heritage Coil beds, and also in the Edblo Crown range.

Continuous Coils

This is a spring made of one wire, twisted continually along the entire bed. These beds are more springy and bouncy than Bonnell coils, as the wire can transfer the motion along its entire length. Some beds use the continuous coil unit starting at the head of the bed and going up and down from there, and others will have it starting on one side and going across the width of mattress. This spring uses less steel than Bonnel coils, make it cheaper to make, but that doesn’t make it bad quality. Beds that use the Continuous Coil systems call it different things. Silentnight calls their continuous coils the Ergo Coil, and Rest Assured theirs the Matrix infinite coil. Both are good bed brands on differing ends of the price spectrum. Edblo beds also have continuous coils. These beds can be soft or firm depending on the foam layers on top/

Pocket coils

These are barrel-shaped springs that aren’t connected to each other, which makes for a very stable bed that doesn’t transfer motion, meaning that two people sleeping on a double or larger bed will barely feel each other climb in and out of bed, ensuring that the one sleeping isn’t disturbed. These coils are also very soft and healthy for the spine, as they easily allow heavier parts of the body to sink in and the higher parts, like your lower back and neck to be supported by the rest of the mattress. The coils are each in their own little pocket of fabric, which is why they are called pocket coils. These are a little more laborious and expensive to make. Rest Assured has pocket coils in their Evolution range, as well as Edblo’s Pocket range and Sealy beds.

Coil beds have the coils in the core, or middle to bottom of the mattress (depending on if they are turn mattresses or not) and then layers of foam laid over the coils for a soft surface to lie on. If the mattress is a turning bed, the coils will be in the middle and foam layers on both sides. If it is a no turn, the foam layers will only be on top. Different bed brands use different foams. Generally, all brands have high-density foam layers, which is just a normal foam. Some beds, like Silentnight, will put foams like memory foam and latex is the top couple of layers for added comfort.

If you are wondering which kind of a bed would work best for you, come by The Mattress Warehouse and we’ll help you find something that suits you perfectly. View our range of bedroom headboards to go with your ideal bed or mattress brand. If you’re more a foam bed kinda person, we have those too! Call us on 011 312 8613 or browse our website here.

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