Natural latex mattresses are durable, supportive, and now in South Africa!

The Mattress Warehouse has another mattress range on its floors! These mattresses are by GreenCoil, and they’re soft, bouncy, and super comfortable. The mattresses have a pleasant medium firm feel, coming in every shape and size, from pillow top to eurotop to a normal mattress. Not only are pretty great to lie on, but they’re green too! Looking for an environmentally friendly, durable, and comfort-oriented mattress? The GreenCoil range is just for you! I’m quite excited about the GreenCoil mattresses myself because they are predominantly latex topped mattresse, combined with natural wool and argentum fabric.


Natural Latex Mattresses:

So what makes latex an exciting addition to a mattress? GreenCoil mattresses are made with other components as well as latex, but latex is the foam we get excited about for its durability, supportiveness, and antibacterial properties that make for really great sleep on a latex mattress.


Natural latex is an extremely long lasting product. This is due to the resilience of latex itself as a rubber product rather than a foam. Generally a primarily latex mattress will last twice as long as the average mattress, and a GreenCoil will last three times. In years that’s about 30 years. All from one affordable mattress. View luxury furniture here

Natural latex mattresses are very durable.
Natural latex mattresses are very durable.


Natural latex is also extremely supportive as a part of the mattress’ support and comfort layers. Natural latex has a very resilient quality, bouncing back from pressure on it rather than being yielding, which creates a very supportive sleeping surface that doesn’t sag and takes a lot of punishment. This means that while lying on a GreenCoil mattress you can be sure you will be well supported, making for peaceful sleep and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Antibacterial: hypoallergenic mattresses.

Natural latex, being made from tree sap, naturally repels insects and parasites without any chemical pesticides or the like being sprayed on it, making your mattress bedbug, mosquito, dust mite, and just generally bug free. This makes for improved breathing, ensures that your mattress stays hygienic over the years, and keeps you from having to spray your room with pesticides. This is also why GreenCoil mattresses are so green.

Natural latex is naturally antibacterial!
Natural latex is naturally antibacterial!

What’s the meaning behind the name, GreenCoil?

GreenCoil’s mattresses have names like Serenity, ggln, and sgihh, all of which invoke peace and calm, and they boast of being the most natural and green mattresses in South Africa, so what’s their claim based on?

Latex is a natural product rather than a chemically created one:

Natural latex can be talalay or dunlop, talalaly is much more green.
Natural latex can be talalay or dunlop, talalaly is much more green.

The humble beginnings of the latex in your GreenCoil mattress start in the forest. Rubber trees produce a sap which is collected into crude buckets at the base of scratches in the bark. This is significant for a few reasons. Firstly, rubber tree forests are planted to collect rubber, so that the production of latex means more trees being planted on this earth rather than less. Secondly, in order to be vulcanised (made solid) into a useable rubber, this sap does not need to be falsely treated, it’s simply part of a natural process in the sap once frozen and having a few other procedures applied to it. Dunlop rubber, the original rubber invention comes from the same sap, but is manufactured through various chemicals being added to it. Talalay rubber has a totally different process that is to the most part chemical free and done without smoke belching factories.

Natural, not chemical!
Natural latex, not chemical!

Less CO2 emissions created in the making of the mattresses.

Studies show that the manufacture of natural Talalay latex uses a great deal less CO2 than any other foam used in mattresses. This means that your latex mattress is making your carbon footprint smaller and it’s doing so simply by existing. A natural latex mattress is a lot kinder to the environment than another foam mattress would be.These mattresses only have to be replaced evert 20 odd years:

Because latex is so durable, rather than your mattress lasting 10, or if you’ve bought well, 15 years, it will last up to 30. This halves the amount of mattresses you’ll buy in your adult lifespan, therefore, less waste on land dumps! Not only does this reduce waste that will take centuries to decompose, it reduces the amount of mattresses needed to be manufactured too, further cutting down on CO2 emissions and keeping our world from overheating as these greenhouse gasses accumulate in the atmosphere.

How is GreenCoil’s use of latex different from other latex mattresses.

Why all the hype for GreenCoil’s latex mattresses? Well, they are unique in their use of latex. Previously in South Africa, aside from Rest Assured’s latex mattress, latex was used as a support layer rather than a main layer in mattresses. The best example of this is Silentnight. Being primarily pjm known for their memory foam, most Silentnight mattresses have a layer of latex under the thicker memory foam layer to keep the foam supportive. Memory foam is extremely soft, but the latex keeps it supportive and from feeling like sinking sand. GreenCoil uses latex far more aggressively and actively than it’s been used before.

To come and try out a GreenCoil mattress, call us on 0861 007 000. To find out about any of the other ranges we sell, from Silentnight to Simmons, Cloud Nine and others, call us or browse our website for more natural latex mattress brands. We are going to have a sale on Silentnight beds at the end of the month, so if you are interested contact us for more details! View our specials on our headboards, mattress protectors and more.

Happy Sleeping!