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Treat yourself to one of our Queen sized beds for sale

Looking to really treat your body to a luxurious night of sleep? Having a bigger bed could be the answer to enjoying a better sleep. These queen beds are normally ideal for people of all ages and with the right mattress, your body will be properly supported every night. Adults looking for a bigger sleeping space to share might find that the Queen sized bed is the better option for their sleep needs, thanks to the wider sleeping area. One thing that you need to be sure of when you buy one of the many Queen size beds on sale, is that you have the right bed frame and base ( based on your ideal dimension ). Your mattress needs to comfortably fit onto a base so that you can enjoy the mattress’ features.

Queen Size Beds Dimensions in cm:

  • 152 cm width
  • 183 cm in length

Queen size beds are produced by some of the very best bed brand names in the world. These beds are designed to support bodies of all weights when you buy the correct bed, and with the right bed frame, your bed is more than just a place to rest your head. You can buy bed frames which are designed to look incredibly fancy or simple, depending on your tastes. Your bed should be the main feature of your bedroom. Bed frames are manufactured with high-quality materials such as wood and steel. Unique styles and stained in different colours, you can find the bed frame that will fit in with your bedroom décorQueen size bed in cm is one of the most frequently asked questions when buying a queens size bed. 

While the single beds and the three-quarter beds tend to be the most popular beds for children and teenagers, the most popular beds for adults remain the double bed while the Queen size bed and the king size bed have also become rather popular. queen size bed in cm

Queen size beds in South Africa are 152cm in width and 188cm in length ( standard dimensions based on centimetres). As is standard in South Africa, Queen size beds are available with a length of 200cm for those who are taller and need the extra leg room.

Queen size beds for sale are ideal because they are not too big but they are also not too small. They have just the perfect dimensions for the weary sleeper.

Getting more years of use out of your mattress

When you buy a new bed, you are making an investment that you can expect will last for at least 7 years. If you treat your mattress properly, and you make sure that you do everything you can to keep it in a great condition, you will probably find that a mattress stays in a good condition for more than 7 years. Ask us about your perfect bed dimenions even in cm.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Not sitting on the edges can help to keep the bed in good shape. Some mattresses are built with an edge support and when weight is frequently applied it can damage the bed.
  2. It is worth it to buy a mattress protector. Designed to keep dust and moisture off of the precious fabrics and foams used to manufacture the bed, your mattress protector is likely to give your bed a few extra years of use.
  3. Regular cleaning will not go amiss either. Beds that are aired and vacuumed ever so often are more than likely going to last longer than those that are not kept in a good condition.

Finding your bed from the selection of Queen sized beds for sale

By keeping one of the biggest selections of beds for sale in South Africa, The Mattress Warehouse has the Queen size bed for you. We stock all of the nation’s favourite brands, designed just to improve the quality of your sleep.

To give you an idea, here are a few of our Queen size beds for sale:

  • Fabbro Palermo
  • Serta Natural Balance Firm
  • Universe Bedding Grand Resort
  • Maxipedic Devon
  • Cloud Nine Chiroflex
  • Simmons Crescendo
  • Genessi Dream Comfort

Our selection of Queen size beds goes beyond these brands and we have many more beds for sale online as well as in our factory shop. Buy your Queen size bed by ordering it now or come to our shop to see when we have to offer you. Change the way you sleep with a Queen size bed! Need more info e.g queen size bed in cm – enquire online.

Not sure about your queen size bed? Call or email us for your ideal Queen size bed in cm, where it is a standard or extra length that would suit you ideally.

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