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Restonic Beds

With Restonic beds for sale in all of the most popular sizes, you can buy a bed from this well-known bed brand from The Mattress Warehouse. When you buy Restonic beds online, we’ll deliver it directly to your home, saving your time and money. But before you buy a Restonic bed, how much do you know about this brand? Restonic is a bed company that uses only the latest, most advanced technology to manufacture a range of high-quality beds, designed just for your sleep needs. Each bed is made to include a unique support system which consists of a number of sturdy posture bars that run through the middle of the bed.

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Restonic beds for sale

Buy Affordable Restonic Beds Online

This unique system ensures that the body is correctly supported while you sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling relaxed and ready to face the day.

Restonic beds are approved by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa

For the last 30 years, Restonic has been becoming one of the leaders in the bed manufacturing industry. Not only do they manufacture high-quality beds, but they are also well known for making their beds exceptionally affordable while never compromising on the quality of the bed they produce. Restonic beds are competitively priced which allows them to easily compete on par with some of the best bed brands in the world, both in terms of quality and price.

Restonic is one of the few bed brands that is perfectly priced for those who have a family sized budget. These beds are for the whole family, and they are made to be affordable for that reason.
Each bed, regardless of the size, is manufactured using the best materials on the market. Technology comes together with great materials, to create a bed that has all the features to guarantee you a fantastic night’s sleep.

If you are concerned with the environmental side of bed manufacturing, you can rest assured knowing that the Restonic bed is designed to minimize the impact on the environment. Waste which accumulates during the manufacturing process is reduced and any cut off materials are repurposed elsewhere.

Some of the incredible Restonic Bed Features

When reading the reviews and while doing your comparisons, these are a few of the famous Restonic features to keep in mind:

• A patented support system to provide extra support to the center of your body.

• These beds don’t need to be flipped or rotated.

• To keep to their environmentally friendly policies, a soft Aloe Vera fabric, as well as an organic bamboo fabric, is used.

Imported luxury fabrics and additional layers of comfortable plush layers, along with a pillow top.

Poly-Wool technology which blends polyester and wool to help with regulating body temperature.

These are just a few of the fantastic features that you will have when you buy a Restonic bed.
We have Restonic Beds for sale in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Cape Town, and Polokwane.

You can buy your Restonic bed either at one of these branches or you can buy this bed online through our web store. When purchasing your affordable Restonic bed online, you can enjoy the added bonus of free delivery! Shop today!

Restonic Beds Prices and on Special

ManufacturerRange Model WeightWarranty Priced from

RestcareNapNo Weight Limit 8 Year

RestcareSnoozeNo Weight Limit 11 Year

RestcareDuvet TopNo Weight Limit 14 Year

Restcare SnuggleNo Weight Limit 14 Year

Restcare Pillow Top No Weight Limit 14 Year

RestcareDreamNo Weight Limit 14 Year
RestcareComfortNo Weight Limit 17 Year

Prices are subject to change without notice.