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The 10 Best Beds in South Africa

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

If you’re looking to buy a bed, the first piece of advice would be to buy a bed from one of the country’s reputable bed shops that stock brands that have used advanced sleep technology and top-quality material to manufacture their beds. If the last time you bought a new bed was at least 7 to 8 years ago, you’ll be surprised at what innovations have been made in recent years.

There’s a lot of bed lingo in bed buying, and it may get overwhelming. Visit a bed shop that employs salespeople who are patient and knowledgeable about bedroom furniture, like beds, bedroom pedestals, bed frames and sleeper couches. It helps to have a wide range of expertise when it comes to quality sleep.

The Mattress Warehouse took a look at some of South Africa’s most well-known and loved bed brands. Here are the top 10 bed makes in South Africa for you to research to kick-start your quest to find the best bed in South Africa:

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine king size bed

Cloud Nine is a wholly-owned independent division of a South African company that manufactures premium quality polyurethane foam mattresses and upholstered bases. Part of what makes Cloud Nine range of bed products so good is that the products are manufactured using multi-layered Viscous Elastic and Polyurethane foam materials.

The Cloud Nine company started in Cape Town in 1968 and had expanded its distribution to the rest of South Africa. Each mattress consists of high-density foam layers, with each layer adding to its unique purpose in providing the best support possible.

There are three different types of Cloud Nine beds to choose from:

  • the i-Sleep Range offers a layer of memory foam for a plush comfort feel
  • the Euro-Latex Range has a Latex finishing layer for a firm feel and can accommodate a heavier weight
  • the Rapid Reform Range combines different density Polyurethane foam layers for unique comfort and feel

Each Cloud Nine mattress provides perfect posture support, which is great for back and neck support . Cloud Nine mattresses are hygienic and allergy free because the foam is completely stable once cured.

All mattresses are SABS approved and endorsed by CASA (Chiropractic Association of South Africa). A Cloud Nine mattress and base set promises great comfort on top of functionality and support.


Edblo king size bed

Edblo was founded in 1927 and has been providing its customers with excellent service and quality beds for over 90 years.

The company stays up to date on advanced sleep technology and adapts its product range to accommodate innovations in mattress and base designs. This includes the feature-packed new Edblo Supreme Collection which features the latest in sleep technology but is priced to be affordable. Take a look at Edblo beds and mattresses for sale online at The Mattress Warehouse to find the exact bed or mattress size that you need.


Fabbro double bed

Fabbro beds are regarded as some of the most luxurious in South Africa and are favored by premier hotels and guest lodges. They are built to meticulous standards by a company with more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Fabbro beds are a luxury buy, but they are within your budget if you are shopping in the higher quality range of beds.

Each mattress incorporates materials such as cashmere and organic wool, which is combined with advanced technology to create the perfect bed. The mattress leaves you feeling cool, fresh and dry; the mattress is designed to constantly circulate air while some models are made with gel-infused memory foam and natural latex which prevent the bed from sagging.

Unique Compression Activation technology acts as a rapid response system which provides support to pressure points of the body and keeps your back well aligned. The pocket spring systems are regarded as one of the most advanced in the business.


Genessi queen size bed

The Genessi Bed range promises superior durability and great support, using a unique combination of high density and specialty foams. The mattress is made to ensure your back stays in alignment while absorbing pressure points such as shoulders and hips. A sleeper is not disturbed by the movement as the foam does not have a rigid, connected structure and is designed to react only to the immediate area where pressure or weight is applied.

Genessi beds are treated with Nano-Technology which is added protection against mosquitoes, dust mines, bed bugs, and bacteria. The foam is non-allergenic and has an open cell structure which makes it more breathable. Air and moisture flow freely through the foam mattress. Find a king-size bed or queen size bed in the Genessi Bed range.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured queen bed

Rest Assured is one of South Africa’s most popular brands of beds, offering superior quality at an affordable price. Double-tempered coils provide extra durability, and a solid construction supports all body shapes and weights. Soft pillow tops and memory foam used in the construction provide stylish comfort.

The makers of Rest Assured provide world-class customer support and after-sales service to give you peace of mind. Take a look at some of their bed size offerings.


Sealy beds

Sealy is one of the best-known brands of bed in South Africa, and one of the first to position itself on orthopaedic benefits and features. Sealy introduced a Posturepedic range for spinal or neck pains, long before other bed manufacturers identified the gap.

Sealy beds are designed to offer brilliant support and comfort using advanced sleep technology. An integrated inner support system provides the deep-down orthopaedic support you need from a modern bed.


Serta single bed

Serta Beds is the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States, and its range of luxury beds are now available in South Africa. The company has a reputation for manufacturing a wide variety of excellent quality beds that harness the latest in advance sleep technology.

For more than 75 years, Serta has invested in research and development to produce mattresses that offer superior comfort and support. It is an industry leader, coming to the market with many “firsts” which includes the world’s first-ever “tuftless” mattress. It has also pioneered a variety of exclusive features which includes the patented Advanced Comfort Quilt and Continuous Support Innerspring.

Standout beds in the Serta range include:

  • iComfort, offering the contouring, pressure-relieving comfort of memory foam but with cooling comfort to prevent overheating; available in both memory foam and hybrid constructions
  • Perfect Sleeper, an innerspring mattress that combines some of the latest advances in spring coil technology – using a state-of-the-art steel coin innerspring support system which is perfect if you prefer the look and feel of a traditional mattress but would like the benefits of advanced sleep technology
  • Sertapedic, offering a range of mattresses from luxuriously soft to extra-firm with the choice of innerspring or memory foam


Restonic three-quarter beds

Restonic is a leading international bed manufacturer which has been making quality beds since 1938. The bed company has invested heavily in research and development and pioneered innovations in advanced sleep technology. The award-winning company is consistently rated highly for excellence in support and comfort.

One such innovation is Restonic’s patented technology called The Marvelous Middle® which concentrates additional support in the center third of a mattress to extend the comfort and life of the mattress and prevents sagging.

Restonic offers customers a wide choice of mattresses, ranging from innerspring mattresses to memory foam, natural latex, and hybrid mattresses.

Forgeron Beds

Forgeron double XL bed

The Forgeron Bed range is new to the South African market and has already made a favourable impression on sleepers. It’s the best type of bed for the heavier set person, accommodating up to 160kg per side! This is due to the superior foam layer that provides extra comfort and support. Furthermore, the turn-free nested pocket spring system means that you’re ensured an undisturbed sleep in the event that you have a restless sleep partner. The bed comes with a 13 year guarantee and is available exclusively at The Mattress Warehouse.

Kooi Beds

Kooi single bed

The Kooi Bed range is a high-performance contemporary bed and mattress range that have been specifically designed to provide superior comfort and support for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle. Designed ot European standards, the manufacturers run the foam mattress through a stringent testing process in order to ensure a top-quality, reliable product. The product is suitable for all sleeping styles, including back and side sleepers.

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