Wooden Beds

A wooden bed brings a certain warmth into the home. They always look great and they are versatile while being very easy to maintain. Available in a variety of earthy colors and styles, our wooden beds for sale both online and in-store are sure to be a fantastic addition to your bedroom. Each of our wooden beds is manufactured from the absolute finest and best wood. This gives them longevity while it will also give you the perfect amount of support.

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Stunning Wooden Beds Available At Great Prices

We sell all kinds of bed frames and superior quality mattresses at The Mattress Warehouse. Our range of stock ensures that all tastes are accommodated and that every sleep need is well taken care of. Metal and steel beds have a certain appeal, as do the leather touch beds. But if you are really looking to add some rustic charm to your bedroom, wooden beds are timeless.

The Bed That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Wooden frame beds have great appeal because they are always in style. While you will probably change your mattress a number of times in your life, when you are happy with your bed frame, and it is as sturdy as a wooden one, there is no need to change it.

As mentioned above, these beds are very versatile. They can be painted to suit your bedrooms theme, or the better option would be to stain it the colour you want it to be. Regardless of the colour, the bed frame will always look elegant.

Wooden beds are affordable, especially when bought online. Do a little research, check out the reviews and make the right bed comparisons before you buy your new bed. When shopping online, you are sure to come across new specials and generally, the prices are lower. For instance, when you buy your bed online from The Mattress Warehouse, you get free delivery. We do this for your convenience!

Match A Wooden Bed with a Good Mattress

Choosing a wooden bed is the easy part, when you know what you want of course. The tough part is choosing the right mattress to fully support your sleep needs and give you that extra comfort you deserve. Make sure that the mattress you choose is the same size as the wooden bed frame you are buying, especially if you are buying a bed with the correct clearance. The bed is designed for the mattress to snuggly fit it, which is why it is so important to get the size right. Wooden beds are made in all sizes, and this includes children’s beds.

Another bit of information you need to have is that the frame and the headboard will come as one set piece. But if you are looking for a bed that has a separate headboard, the wooden bed is probably not for you.

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At The Mattress Warehouse, we stock all of the best bed ranges, including Serta beds, Fabbro beds, Genessi beds, Sealy beds and Cloud Nine beds. Buy your wooden bed online today and enjoy some of the greatest bed prices in South Africa!