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A Beautiful Bed, Pro-Bedmaking Tips

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Bedrooms in the most exclusive hotels have beautiful designer looks. The moment you open the door, everything feels just right, and the bed beckons with its look of plush comfort. In addition to the bed, all aspects of the immediate environment combine to form the best overall look. Indeed professional appearances are only possible when every element receives an equal amount of attention. Attending to all relevant details will ensure your bed looks like a hotel bed.

Without fail, the quality of a good hotel mattress is the best that money can buy. Mattress stores provide a vast variety of excellent quality beds to suit different preferences and budgets. Decide what you want from a mattress and research online before you make your choice. They can be a sizeable investment and the decision is one that will remain with you for years to come.

a beautiful bed in a hotel room

Deep Clean Your Mattress

For the more budget-conscious, deep clean the mattress you have. Remove microscopic creatures, marks and odours by using distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Saturate the entire top of your bed using a spray bottle of pure vinegar. Wait for twenty minutes. Add a few cups of bicarbonate of soda to a large sieve. Sprinkle abundantly and evenly over the entire area. Allow the magical combination of vinegar and soda to act for two to five hours. Thoroughly vacuum the residue and allow to dry completely. Clean the other side in the same manner. The drying process is of supreme importance in order to prevent fungus and mould. Hot, sunny days are ideal.

Buy An Organic Mattress Protector

After that, if your budget allows, acquire an organic memory foam topper. It is extraordinarily comfortable and can be cheaper than a quality bed set. In the future, clean your topper utilizing the same cleaning methods as for an ordinary mattress. However, never use heat on your Mattress Protector. Rather dry it well for two days. Place it in an airy spot in dappled sunlight. A Mattress Protector is a worthwhile investment and it will provide softness and plushness to your mattress. Also an essential layer if you want to create a beautiful bed.

Use Plain White Bedding

use plain white bedding for a beautiful bed

Most top hotels use mainly plain white bedding. White creates an atmosphere of cleanliness. Furthermore, it creates a clear palette for a calm mind. Also, thread count matters as it will influence the feel of the textile! Be sure to follow the example of professional bedmakers. In the same way, obtain linens that have a three-hundred thread count. For example, Egyptian cotton is the fabric of choice. Furthermore, Egyptians are the worlds largest producers of organic cotton. Lastly, organic textiles are at the top of the list for the best health and environmentally-friendly options. Lastly, to obtain your lovely white linen, visit The Mattress Warehouse accessory page. Purchase your quality linen today!

Use Regular Flat Sheets

In order to make your bed look like a pro-bed, you should move away from fitted sheets. Besides hotels do not use these! To begin with, lay two flat sheets on top of each other. Then tuck the first sheet tightly around the mattress. For this process make use of hospital corners.

For aestetic reasons your could place the second sheet upside-down over the first folded sheet. Further, fold the top over and tuck in. You will notice that the attractive side of the sheet is on display. Once again tuck the sheet in on the corners. Make use of the hospital corner folding technique. Attention to thse details is the reason why hotel beds look so good. With these simple steps you could create your pro-bed with ease!

Hotel beds are beautiful to look at. Of course, they only make use of the best quality duvets and pillows. These pillows and duvets are extra plush. For a similar look, use the most sumptuous duvets and pillows you can afford. Additionally, purchase the best organic products available. Lastly, cover your mattress with your best organic linen. The result will be that you will have a beautiful bed.

Pillows Soft And Firm

All of the best hotel beds have four delectable pillows, two soft and two that are firm. Some hotels add a decorative pillow over the top. Avoid an excess of pillows in unmatching colours, as this merely creates clutter. Neat pillows of superb quality with pillowcases in similar hues are key to the perfect pro-bed. Follow the lead of the professionals and a pro-bed is yours!

For those that are intensely passionate about creating a hotel bed at home, certain establishments make it even easier for you. Some sell their mattresses, pillow and linens. Create a bed as picture perfect as theirs.

For The Budget Conscious

For budgets that do not extend that far, there is a little trick you can use. Firstly, lay your duvet in its cover over the top of the bed as you would normally do. Holding the top, fold the entire section down so that the top touches the bottom. Still holding the top, fold it upwards as far as the halfway mark of the topmost fold. Leave it there so that the top area has extra volume and faces the right way up. Luxury hotel bed heaven is doable and affordable.

Lastly, recreating a hotel bedroom in your own home is doable, regardless of your budget. Follow the easy steps in the above article. Become the proud owner of a pro-bed and bedroom that mirror the perfection of an elite hotel room.

Visit The Mattress Warehouse Accessory page for more information about quality bedding and linen.

beautiful bed

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