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A Closer Look at Genessi Beds

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Within the big brand name that is Genessi, one finds the different ranges, each offering their own unique combinations and degrees of comfort, support and durability – all with unmatched quality!! Genesis has many products and bed ranges, but we will be taking a closer look at only three of these today – Classic, Luxury and Deluxe.


The Classic range is made up of the following beds: Backguard Plus, Superior Rest, Comfort Rest, Best Rest and Mega Rest. These beds have the same general features. They are made up of layers of durable, high density polyurethane foam that responds to weight and body movement, but with zero movement transfer between sleeping partners, ensuring an undisturbed night’s rest. The support of these mattresses is consistent and excellent for maintaining the correct spinal alignment. All of these beds are of durable quality and comfort and do not lose their shape easily.


The Luxury No Turn is composed of a combination of viscous elastic (memory) foam and resilient poly-latex. Open cell, high performance memory foam adapts to your body shape using your body’s heat and weight. It eliminates uncomfortable pressure points and hugs your body for luxurious comfort. The poly-latex is flexible, elastic and breathable, supports good spinal alignment and supports the correct sleeping posture. The no-turn technology of the mattress makes it low maintenance and the pillow top has a luxurious feel.

Vitality beds are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The comfort layers are made of poly-latex and other high density foams. These mattresses have a soft, high density primary comfort layer that has the most luxurious feel and helps eliminate pressure points. It, too, has the no-turn technology.

A Luxury Firm Support has a combination of layers of polyurethane foams. The core of this mattress is extremely stable and has a firmer comfort layer, also increasing its durability. It is firm to touch and offers the best back support for obtaining the perfect posture. It is turnable.

The Support Plus has an extra soft cover (pillow top) that gives exceptional luxury and comfort by conforming to your specific body shape, also made possible by the extra comfort layers. It also gives proper support and maintains good posture.


The Body Form Memory Moments has a unique foam layering combination where each layer is individually placed by hand – comprised of memory foam and supported by a high resilience poly-latex layer. This gives excellent pressure point relief, body contour support and spinal alignment. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body. This bed has the no-turn feature.

The Body Form Eco Whispers is another especially unique bed with specific foam layering, but with double the comfort, elasticity and support!! This is made possible by the responsive “latex-on-latex” layers. There is even weight distribution and it greatly reduces pressure points. The spinal support the mattress offers in outstanding and it is disturbance-free (zero movement transfer). It has the no-turn technology.

A Deluxe Body Form bed is a combination of memory and poly-latex foam, but with a unique plush feel. The memory foam conforms to your body shape, relieving pressure points, while the latex offers great spine and overall posture support. It is a no-turn.

Deluxe Elegance beds have comfort luxury layers of poly-latex and speciality foams. The latex is flexible, elastic, breathable and gives optimal support. The designer headboard and base only adds to the beauty and luxury of such a bed. The mattress is very durable and has the no-turn technology.

Come and take look at these ranges of Genessi at The Mattress Warehouse – you can’t go wrong!!


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