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Best Place to Buy a Bed in 2024

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Finding the best place to buy a bed can be overwhelming. There are just so many options to choose from, both in physical stores and online. And what about all the different bed brands? Not to mention mattress jargon! We get it. Shopping for a new bed or mattress can be tedious work. That’s why The Mattress Warehouse put together this simple guide on choosing the best place to buy a bed in 2024. In this blog, you’ll get tips on what to look out for in-store and how to compare online before you even visit a shop. Keep reading.

Signs You Should Buy a New Bed

If you’re uncertain whether you should actually get a new bed or not, these tips may help you decide:

  • Bed/mattress age – How long have you had your bed or mattress for? As a rule of thumb, you should replace your mattress every eight years to a decade. Subject to the type of mattress/bed you have, it may be slightly longer (or shorter). The service warranty that comes with the bed is generally a good indication of how long your bed should last.
  • Sleep quality – If you aren’t getting proper restorative zZz’s in, your bed or mattress may need to be replaced. If the bed or mattress is fairly new, perhaps your old pillow is the culprit.
  • Body pains – When your body is in pain every morning that you wake up, it may be time to look for the best place to buy a bed, because you are going to need that place soon. If your mattress is causing aches and pains, there is no point in torturing yourself night by night.

If you’re experiencing some (or all) of the above, then you should probably make some work of buying a new bed. Here is something to help you find the perfect bed for your sleeping style.

But for now, let’s take a look at how to identify good bed and mattress shops.

What Makes a Good Bed Shop?


To qualify as a good bed shop (like most types of good shops) there are a number of prerequisites. When you think of a good shopping experience, be it online or in-store, what comes to mind? Things like:

  1. Variety
  2. Quality
  3. Well priced
  4. Reputable
  5. Helpful sales assistants
  6. In-depth product knowledge
  7. Intuitive website tools
  8. Easy return/swap procedure

If you’ve ever been in a shop with bad assistance or on a website where you just couldn’t navigate to the checkout page, you’ll agree with this list, right? No one likes to stand around in a shop looking lost, or browsing in circles on an online store because you can’t find the products you put in the shopping cart.

So, when looking for the best place to buy a bed, make sure that all eight of the abovementioned prerequisites are met.

Mattress sizes

A good bed shop should stock all sorts and sizes.

1. Variety of Beds and Mattresses

Unless you are looking for a very specific bed that is being manufactured at and sold in that brand-specific store, the ideal bed store would contain a wide range of beds and mattresses. The idea is that such a store can cater to a wide variety of customers. Whether you are shopping on a budget or looking for the ultimate sleep system, a good bed shop should have both. You should be able to choose between different types of mattresses, like memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattresses.

2. Quality Products

You obviously want to buy a good quality bed. And so, the bed shop that you’d want to buy from should stock reputable, well-known bed and mattress brands. The mattress or bed you buy should also have some form of guarantee and service warranty to support the idea of quality. As a rule, beds and mattresses with no guarantee and short service warranties lack quality.

3. Well Priced

The bed shop you decide on should have competitive pricing. Moreover, if you find a similar product at another bed shop, you should be able to bargain with your preferred shop to give you a better price. Most reputable bed stores would do so with a smile.

4. Good Reputation

Ask your friends where they bought their new bed and if they were happy with the shopping experience. If you don’t know anyone who recently got a new bed, don’t stress. There are hundreds of reviews that you can read online. Services like Hellopeter have great reviews. You can also find reviews on Google.

5. Helpful Sales Assistants

It goes without saying that a sales assistant can make or break your shopping experience. Attentive sales staff can make your bed hunt much more enjoyable and effective.

6. Knowledgable Sales Staff

And if the helpful sales assistant has in-depth knowledge of the beds they are selling, it is a double win. Staff who know what beds and mattresses are on the floor, and how the different mattress comfort levels complement different sleeping styles can be a great help. So on your hunt for the best place to buy a bed, don’t settle for anything less than excellent service from the sales assistant.

7. Intuitive Website Tools

When you hunt for bed or mattress deals online, it is great to do so on an easy-to-navigate website. Furthermore, if the website has a set of easy and effective filters to sort the products in the way you desire, it makes the shopping experience so much easier. Having a price and product comparison tool is also a great help.

Price comparison tool from The Mattress Warehouse - the best place to buy a bed.

With a good comparison tool, you can put the beds you are interested in next to each other and decide which is the best.

8. Easy Return/Swap Procedure

Buying a new bed or mattress can be a pricey ordeal. As such, you want to ensure that you end up with a product that will give you many hours of fantastic, restorative sleep. Unfortunately, we can sometimes buy a bed in a rush, and then realise a couple nights in that a mistake was made. That is why you must ensure that the bed shop you buy from has a return policy. Moreover, you must be 100% certain you understand how that policy works.

Best Place to Buy a Bed – The Mattress Warehouse

At The Mattress Warehouse, we tick all eight “what makes a good bed shop” boxes. We’ve got great reviews, and our online compare tool is easy to use. Furthermore, if you buy a mattress protector with your new bed or mattress, you can make use of the 100-Day Comfort Trial.

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