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Mattress For Sale, Finding The Right One for You.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

When it comes to finding the right mattress for you or your beloved ones, you must be very wise in choosing between options. There are so many different styles of mattresses for different individuals. In this article, we are going to share some important information on what mattress for sale is the best for you and why you should choose between these.

Hybrid Mattress on Sale.

In South Africa, hybrid mattresses can easily be found at any bed store. You can always ask the bed store prior to walking to the stores. Ask them whether they do have a hybrid mattress for sale. The question most people ask is probably “What the heck is a hybrid mattress?”

Well, technically a hybrid mattress is a type of mattress that has different components which are all put together. These components are among the best in order to get an improved result. For example, a hybrid car has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. This type of hybrid car has reduced gas consumption, rely more on renewable resources and emits less pollution. The best part about owning a hybrid car is that it is good for the planet and definitely good for your wallet.

This also applies to hybrid mattresses. Basically, hybrid mattresses have pocketed or innerspring coils which act as the base coil system. They usually come in a variable combination of latex and/or gel on top, mixed with memory foam. This is to create comfort that is also resilient. If you buy a hybrid mattress on sale, know that this type of mattress will give you the contouring support your body needs. It also has bounciness and tailored edges. All of the materials used in a hybrid mattress on sale will be able to offer you a good night’s sleep. This combination also extends the life of the mattress and improve the effectiveness. Some experts also agreed that a hybrid mattress on sale will reduce the impressions of a body due to the support of the material construction in ways that we have never experienced before.

So how do you know if a hybrid mattress on sale is good for you? Well, if you meet the following criteria we listed below, then you should consider a hybrid mattress for sale.

You have been sleeping on a memory foam, latex or coil mattress and constantly feel as if there is something missing.
You sleep on memory foam that is good for your joints, but you still sleep hot and it feels like a sauna.
You sleep with the buoyancy of springs, but you still experience cold and you can’t stay warm throughout the night.
You just enjoy to try new technology and a hybrid mattress on sale sounds good.

Latex Mattress on Sale.

mattress on saleAsk anyone who tried latex mattresses before, they will agree that latex mattresses give them a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. However, latex mattresses are also one of the most misunderstood of all types of mattresses. If we need to use some words to describe the latex mattresses, they would be supportive, buoyant and therapeutic. Latex mattresses are very good at relieving the pressure on your body.

In order to make latex, one has to harvest liquid from the rubber trees in Asia. These trees are scientifically known as Hevea Brasiliensis and in a year, they can produce up to 4 lbs. Considered as the easiest resource that keeps rapidly renewing, rubber trees can be harvested for centuries. The good part is that it doesn’t harm the tree and it doesn’t need large farm equipment. Therefore, you should know that if you are going to buy a latex mattress for sale, you will also be getting one of the most supportive mattresses on the market. There are a few types of latex as well. Depending on the manufacturers, you have to ask the retail store about the material used in the mattress for sale in their store.

Standard Latex (Dunlop).

mattress on saleDuring the process of Dunlop (Standard), they will froth the harvested milk of the rubber. This process will remind you of the process of mixing the egg whites. If the latex is frothed, even more, the softer the latex will become. As soon as the mixing process is done, the frothed mix will be poured into sealed molds. After that, these sealed molds will be cooked in order to get the finished product of a foam slab. Some people agree that this part reminds them of baking a cake. During the mixing process, the bubbles which are created are not connected. Air in those bubbles will be compressed when pressure is applied evenly to the foam. This process will create the buoyant feeling which is still firm. A mattress on sale, which is made of Dunlop will give you a strong support for your body which you will need because this type of latex is very sturdy, but still, have the bouncy feel to it.

Talalay latex.

Similarly to Dunlop, the process doesn’t differ that much. However, the difference can be spotted in the molding process. There are thousands of pins inside of the molds. These pins will create air channels that will increase the conformability and breathability to the finished product. Apart from that, a mattress on sale that is made of Talalay Latex is a lot more buoyant and resilient when compared to a mattress on sale made of Dunlop. This is because Talalay latex tends to spring back quickly. It also allows moisture and heat to travel a lot more independently through the mattress. For those suffering from the fluctuations of temperature, this type of latex mattress is the best choice for you.


If you are looking for a good mattress on sale in order to replace the old one, you must go to a reliable store to make your decision. A good material will allow you a better sleeping experience. Therefore, we strongly suggest choosing only the quality brands and manufacturers. Never settle for anything that is less than what you should invest in. Always be smart, knowledgeable and be passionately curious about a mattress. Ask your salesperson when you are browsing through the different types of a mattress for sale.

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