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Bedside Tables & Nightstands: 3 Reasons Every Bedroom Needs Them

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

What do you envision when you think of a bedroom? A bed, pillows, a loose pair of shoes lying around, and bedside tables, right? Now imagine taking one of those items away. Except for the shoes (maybe), you can’t, can you? And that’s the bottom line. Evey bedroom worth its salt must have a bed and at least one bedside table. Not convinced? As experts in bedroom decor and furniture, allow us at The Mattress Warehouse to tell you why nightstands are essential in all bedrooms. Read on.

Tip: Bedside tables, -pedestals and nightstands are all the same thing. We’ll be using these terms interchangeably, so don’t let it confuse you.

Benefits of having a bedside table

Having a bedside table gives your bedroom a “complete” look. Moreover, it also makes your life in the bedroom so much easier. Bedside tables serve as a mini storage unit for all of those items you can’t spend the night without – your book, a bedside lamp, your mobile phone, and a glass of water. Let’s take a more in-depth look at three main benefits of having a bedside table (or two):

1. Bedroom aesthetics

Bedside tables make your bedroom look good. You can style or customize your nightstands to fit in with whatever theme you choose for your room. Going for a rustic look? Get a wooden bedside table. Prefer the farmhouse look? Whitewash your wooden nightstand.

2. Nightstands are practical

Having a bed lamp is a good idea – if something goes wrong at night, you can switch on the lights without getting out of bed. It’s easier to reach a bedside lamp that stands on a bedside pedestal than it is to reach one that stands on the floor…

3. Simple storage

Apart from being a lampstand, your bedside table can store other items as well. For instance, the storybook(s) that you are currently reading, your alarm clock, your mobile phone and a glass of water. If your nightstand has drawers, you can store all sorts of handy nick-nacks in there. Like a flashlight and your diary/journal.

Tip: Instead of placing a glass next to your bed, use a squishy water bottle. So if you accidentally knock it over at night, you don’t have to clean up the mess.

What makes a good bedside table?

There are a couple of factors to take into account when shopping for a new bedside pedestal/table:

  • Height: Your bedside tables should be the same height (or slightly higher) as your bed. It is just more convenient for picking up and putting down things from the nightstand.
  • Surface area: Make sure the surface area is large enough. The surface of your bedside table should be large enough to comfortably hold all of the goodies you prefer to have next to you while you sleep.
  • Style: You want to get a nightstand that fits in with the decorating style of your bedroom. Make sure the colour and materials align with your bedroom’s theme.

Now that you know the benefits and what makes a good bedside table, you might also be wondering…

Do I need 2 bedside tables?

That depends on whether you are sharing the bed with someone else and the layout of the room. Normally, it is better to have two bedside tables when two people are sharing a bed. Not only does it make each individual’s life easier, but it also brings symmetry to the bedroom. If you sleep in a single bed, one nightstand should be more than enough to suit your needs.

Types of bedside tables and nightstands for sale

With plenty of nightstands for sale, it is often exhausting to sort through all the noise before finding the right bedside pedestal for you. That is why we recommend you narrow it down before you even start your search. Keeping in mind the height, surface area and style that you want in a bedside table, you can start shopping around for specific types of pedestals. We identified four main types of pedestals:

  • Shelved Pedestals
  • Drawer Pedestals
  • Cabinet-style Pedestals
  • Hybrid Pedestals

Let’s take a quick look at each category.

Bedside tables with shelves

Teak shelved bedside pedestals.
Simple and elegant – a shelved wooden pedestal

These types of pedestals are sleek and elegant. They fit beautifully into rooms with a more rustic or farmhouse theme. Moreover, you don’t have to dig through drawers if you are looking for something. Shelved pedestals are quite affordable, which make them ideal for children’s rooms. Go ahead. Take a look at the Zina Teak Pedestal.

Nightstands with drawers

White bedside table with three drawers.
That whitewashed look on the Charlene 3 Drawer Pedestal never gets old! Perfect for your cabin at the beach.

Ideal for storage and good-looking to boot, nightstands with drawers are quite handy. These types of bedside tables are great for holiday homes. Think about it – when you are away from home you often have to live out of a suitcase or travel bag. But what if you had a neat little nightstand that could house your socks and toiletries?

Cabinet-style pedestals

Chestnut cabinet-style bedside pedestals are beautiful.
The Cabinet-style reminds one of an old farmhouse.

With a little cupboard and a drawer, the Bristol Pedestal in Chestnut seems to come from an old farmhouse. If you like having a proper spotlight kind of torch next to your bed, this bedside pedestal is ideal for you. Place the spotlight out of sight, but within reach in the cupboard. Of course, you can put all sorts of other things in there as well. It also makes for a nice little bookshelf that keeps the dust off.

Hybrid nightstands

Hybrid bedside table with shelves and a drawer.
Comfort meets style with shelves and a drawer

If you are torn between getting a nightstand with shelves or one with drawers, the hybrid model is for you. It has the best of both worlds. As you can see, this Asha Pedestal has a drawer and some shelves. So you can put away your personal things in the drawer and use the spacious shelf as a mini-bookcase or magazine stand.

Shop bedside tables online

At The Mattress Warehouse we stock a wide variety of bedside pedestals. Go ahead and visit our website to see what we have in store for you. And keep in mind, we deliver your order free of charge. So you can shop for bedside tables from the comfort of your own home.

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