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Differences between a Single Bed & Three-Quarter Bed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Are you struggling to choose between a single bed and a three-quarter bed? Or maybe, like many other people you just can’t tell the difference between these two similar types of products. And that is why you are looking for some expert guidance. Well, you are in luck! We are here to put your mind at ease. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have some very unique and extraordinary single beds among our products. Moreover, to help you make the right choice, we put together this quick guide, highlighting the differences between single- and three-quarter beds. Read on.

What is a single bed?

Single beds have been around for a very long time and are still extremely popular. A single bed is 91 cm wide and 188 cm long. In simple terms, it is a bed that is sized for an individual to sleep alone. Furthermore, single beds are also known as twin beds. Twin bed is becoming a more popular term, especially in the tourism industry. So next time you want to book a room and you see it has two twin beds, you’ll know that the room contains two single beds.

If you were wondering if these beds are going out of fashion, they aren’t. And here’s why:

A single bed is practical 

Apart from baby beds and cots, single beds are the smallest beds on the market. This makes the size of the single bed very practical and you are able to easily fit it into any room. Whether you want more floor space in your bedroom or you have growing kids, this option is the ideal choice. 

The price is right

Because it is physically smaller, it makes sense that single beds are generally lower-priced than the rest. You see, it takes less material to produce a single bed, so it will be lighter on your pocket. You can save a lot if you get single beds for your growing children.

Are single beds suitable for adults?

Despite the single bed being the ideal choice for children and adolescents, it can still be used by many adults. If you are very tall, consider getting an extra-long, or XL single bed. Instead of 188 cm in length, these beds are 200 cm long. With the XL option, single beds can still be adults’ first choice due to their flexibility to fit in almost any room. That said, the kids single bed is one of The Mattress Warehouse’s most popular products.

Below are some amazing examples of single beds The Mattress Warehouse has to offer (there’s plenty more where these came from):

Ruby Firm Single Bed

Ideal for children and growing adolescents, This is an amazingly affordable beauty for those who want to save a buck but not compromise on quality. The Ruby Firm Bed is 188cm long and 91 wide. It comes with a 6-year service warranty and a 1-year guarantee.

Rest Assured Eton Single Bed

Our Rest Assured Eton Bed is another popular choice among single beds. It comes with outstanding features like Bamboo fibres, dual-sided capabilities, and allergy-free chemicals.

What is a three-quarter bed?

A three-quarter sleigh bed base made from whitewashed wood.
Three-quarter beds are not only practical, but they can be stylish too.

Three-quarter beds are also very popular among teenagers, students and single sleepers. With these beds, you will still enjoy the practicality as the sizes are similar to twin beds. Three-quarter beds are 107 cm wide and 188 cm long. As such, they will be able to fit into most bedrooms. They are perfectly suitable for young adults and will fit very well in your spare room!

Whether you have a teenager transitioning to the young adult phase, or just simply prefer extra moving space while you sleep, you would want to look at this product range. You will still find many brands that provide you with an extra length of 200cm. This makes it even more convenient if you have a fast-growing teenager or student. Here are two examples of beds that come in the three-quarter bed size:

Kooi B-Series Firm Bed

The Kooi B-Series Firm Bed comes in three-quarter size and is ideal for those looking for long-lasting quality. You will receive a 20-year warranty and a 3-year guarantee. Moreover, a firm sleeping surface is excellent for growing teens and those that prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

Universe Bedding Grand Resort Euro Top Bed

The Universe Bedding Grand Resort Euro Top Bed achieves an excellent balance between comfort and support. This product is ideal for young adults or students.

Differences between single beds and three-quarter beds

When it comes to making your final selection between single and  ¾ beds, you might feel like they are one and the same.

Although they share numerous similarities, they also have their differences which we have  mentioned below

Single bed
1. +/- 92cm x 188cm  in size
2. +/- R500-R1000 less than three-quarter beds
3. Ideal for kids, teens, or spare room
Three-quarter bed
1. +/- 105cm x 188cm in size
2. +/- R500-R1000 more than single beds
3. Ideal for the spare room and young adults

As the size is one of the main differences between the two, this is often taken into account when having to choose between a single bed and a three-quarter bed. 

We are all differently and uniquely made and have different body types. You might have tall teenagers in the house, for which XL three-quarter beds will be more ideal. Some young adults, on the other hand, might be short and slight, in which case a single bed would suffice.

The price range is also a noticeable difference between the two. Depending on the brand, you can expect a price difference of between R500 and R1000. If you are on a tight budget, you might lean towards the single bed side of life. 

Next to the single bed, there is a bedside table with a clock and some succulent plants on it.
Decorating is easy with a single bed because you just have more space.

Single beds for sale online

Single beds are some of the most outstanding choices due to their versatility and benefits. Whether you are looking for something for the spare room or an upgrade for your child, you will be able to find some great options. The Mattress Warehouse has a wide range of bed size choices, from luxury single and three-quarter beds to a creative product line for kids. Make your order now and enjoy the benefit of free delivery at your doorstep!

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