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Best Sleeper Couches Review: Top 5 List

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

So you’ve moved into a new apartment and you want to optimize your space. There isn’t really room for a spare bed, but you have guests over every now and then. And that is why you are browsing for sleeper couches for sale, isn’t it? You are in luck! The Mattress Warehouse reviewed a whole bunch of sleeper couches to streamline your search for that perfect sleeper. We go into detail about why a good sofa bed is a necessity in each home, and end off by showcasing the best sleepers out there.

Why you need a sleeper couch in your home

Because modern sleeper sofas look great, they are versatile and they are super comfortable. Not to mention that it saves on floor space (and money).

Tip: A sleeper couch and a sleeper sofa is the same thing.

  • Aesthetics – With modern manufacturing techniques and fabrics, sleeper couches can look really sleek. Some of these couches are so well made that you won’t even know that they can double as a sleeper bed.
  • Versatility – You can put your sleeper sofa in your child’s room as a backup bedding option for when the friends come for a sleepover. Obviously it can go in the living room and you can even have it in your study. Having a backup bed disguised as a couch is always handy.
  • Comfort – Nowadays, the foams that are used in sleepers have excellent shape retention properties. So even if you sit on the couch a lot, the mattress will still remain comfortable for when you want to sleep on it.
  • Savings – Buying a single piece of furniture, like a sleeper couch, is more cost effective than buying a bed and buying a couch. Moreover, you save at least 180 x 91 cm worth of floor space.

What to remember when shopping for sleeper couches

Not all sleeper couches are equal. Whether you are surfing the web or browsing for sleepers in-store, keep the four M’s in mind:

  • Main use
  • Mechanism
  • Material
  • Mattress

Main use

Are you a student living in someone’s loft and you only have space for one piece of furniture or are you simply looking for options on how to get more of your friends to stay over after one of the parties you enjoy hosting at your place? For the first option, look for something that is more focused on sleeping- than sitting comfort. If the latter, a stylish look and comfortable seating will be more of a priority.


There are all sorts of sleeping couch mechanisms involved in turning a couch into a bed and vice versa. Make sure that the sleeper sofa you choose has a mechanism that can withstand wear and tear. If you are going to use it as a primary bed, then basic mechanisms like a fold-out mattress might be better than something with many turning parts.


Are you going for a glamour bedroom or practicality? For glamour, get a leather sleeper. However, if you are going to sleep on the couch all the time, get a sleeper made from breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics.


Even sleeper couch mattresses come in different comforts. You can get firm couch pillows/mattresses that are great for sleeping on your stomach all the way through to plush pillows for side sleepers. If the couch serves more of a guest sleeper function, get something with a medium comfort rating because it caters for all sleeping styles.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Using the four M’s, our expert team reviewed a whole bunch of sleeper couches. Here is what they found.

Our review round-up of the top sleeper couches by category

1. Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

Sectional sleeper couches like this grey coloured sleeper sofa are quite versatile.
Corner couches are super practical and look great

Best Sectional Sleeper

A classic couch that can seat and sleep three people with ease. The Moxi Daybed Sleeper is a perfect piece to put in the corner of your living room. Moreover, you can move the sections around so that it is right- or left-sided. The perfect piece for you if you have friends and family over all the time.

2. Astrid Single Sleeper Couch

The Astrid Single Sleeper Couch in grey.
Essential and simplistic. Perfect for the non-assuming student or young professional

Best for confined spaces

This one is for single students that live in cramped spaces. The Astrid Single Sleeper Couch has a simplistic look and is only 91 cm wide. It is the perfect piece of furniture for loft living or a bachelor pad.

3. Ripple Sleeper Couch

This classic-looking brown sleeper couch is ideal for regular sleeping.
This classic brown will fit in beautifully in your study

Best Regular Sleeper Couch

If you intend to sleep on your sleeper couch all the time, the Ripple Sleeper Couch is a good option. It is made from a combination of medium density foam and a hybrid spring system that contains both Bonnell- and pocket springs. Moreover, the fold open mechanism is simple and not likely to get a mechanical breakdown. With a carrying capacity of up to 130 kg per side, this is a solid call.

4. Ghia Leather Sleeper Couch

Leather sleeper couches like this beautiful brown leather couch is a luxurious seating/sleeping option.
Sleek and smooth, the Ghia Leather Sleeper is a fantastic option for your lounge

Most Luxurious Sleeper Couch

The Ghia Leather Sleeper is the epitome of luxury. The couch is sleek and oozes sophistication. If you didn’t know it was a sleeper couch, you would never guess it. This sleeper sofa is perfect for discerning shoppers who would like to add a classy extra seating/sleeping option for their guests.

5. Atlantic Sleeper Couch

Customizable grey sleeper couch with a floral pillow.
The fully customizable Atlantic Sleeper Couch can fit in with any theme

Most Versatile Sleeper Couch

The Atlantic Sleeper Couch is customizable. In other words, when you place your order, you give the dimensions that you want and we custom build the couch for you. Furthermore, you can choose the cover fabric as well, so you can make the couch fit right in, no matter the colour scheme or room theme.

Sleeper couches for sale online

There are plenty more where that came from. Browse the full catalogue of sleeper couches for sale to find the perfect fit for your home. There will definitely be something that catches your eye and that fits your pocket. And if you are uncertain of which sleeper sofa to pick, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members who will be more than happy to assist you. Best of all is that you can do a downpayment with us, so you can get that one sleeper couch that your heart most desires!

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