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Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

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Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch



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Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch
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Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

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Product Description

Here to transform any living room into a spare bedroom within a few seconds is the Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch! Whether your home is low on extra space or you tend to have a lot of family members over at the same time, this couch will be sure to come in handy with its multi-functionality. As well as being classic in stature, the unit can also accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. 

For your convenience, you can customize your sleeper couch to your liking. So, invest in ultimate practicality today with the Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch!


Colour customizability

To fulfill your decorating needs, we have various fabric textures and colours available for you to choose from:

Grey Brown Blue Red
Morada Steel Morada Stone Newberry 19 Newberry 18
Salon Putty Morada Soil Nivel Pool
Nivel Cement Salon Wood
Newberry 10 (Dark Grey) Newberry 13 (Light Brown)
Newberry 07 (Light Grey) Newberry 06 (Taupe)

If none of the above-mentioned colours matches your vision, no need to worry. You can also provide your own fabric with the exact shade, pattern, style or texture you’re looking for. Genuine leather is also available on request. 

Fabric required 18 meters (140cm wide)
Approximate size
Outside arm to outside arm 2600mm
Daybed part back to front 1650mm
Daybed size 1650mm x 770mm
Depth of arm 780mm
Height of arm 590mm (from the floor)
Arm width 220mm
Sleeping surface 1370mm x 1930mm
Overall sleeping surface

(backboard included)

1370mm x 1965mm

Tailor the Structure
The choice is yours whether you want the daybed on your left or right-hand side. This couch is also available as a non-sleeper if you like the look of it but you don’t want the double-functionality. Extra storage space is feasible too with the option to have your daybed double as a trunk, easily accessible by lifting the top of the daybed.

Summary of the Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch:

  • Adaptable sleeper or non-sleeper couch.
  • Customizable to your liking to meet your space requirements.
  • Reversible: daybed can be either on the left or the right.
  • Available in colours: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, or you can provide your own fabric.
  • Provides comfort whether you’re sitting or laying down.
  • Accommodates 2 adults and 1 child.
  • Please note: pillows and accessories not included.


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