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Do you dread going mattress shopping?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

https://www.themattresswarehouse.co.za/sleep-matters/There is such a great variety of choice in the sleeping world today, if you’re awake enough to catch it! Maybe that’s the problem though: Do you shrink from the thought of buying a new bed because you have no idea where to go or what to buy? You might have concepts like coil count, lower back support, comfort layers, pillow top mattresses, spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses and on and on swimming around in your head, but no idea where to go with them or what will suit you.


If the overwhelming amount of choice is rather daunting, consider how you might narrow it down:

face first1.Know your sleeping style.

Knowing whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side will affect both what type of mattress and pillow will ensure that you sleep comfortably.

mattress for every age

2.Look for mattresses that suit your age and weight.

Mattresses are built to take a certain amount of weight. If you are reasonably light, something that supports a heavier person, like a pillow top, would be an unnecessary buy. Age also plays a role, since the human body needs different levels of support depending on what stage of life it’s in.

bed too big

3.Consider size.

If you are single, a double bed mattress isn’t a necessary buy: If you sleep in the middle you’ll sag a depression because you’re the only body placing weight on the mattress, however you can sleep on each side interchangeably, it will just take organization.

too short

4.Consider length.

Your mattress should support your whole length comfortably: no arms or legs hanging off the tops and bottoms. Your mattress should typically be 5 cm longer than you are lying straight with a pillow under your head. An extra length mattress is always available in every size, and beds get longer the bigger they are.

5.Speak to an expert.

This is someone who will ask you about your lifestyle and understand what mattress you need it to carry it through to a premium. That expert would be someone at The Mattress Warehouse! We will help you with size, length, weight, and what suits your personal preference. We understand mattresses and how they can best serve their sleepers, and we care.

Don’t let buying a new mattress be such a daunting experience that you avoid it until you absolutely have to: waking up with a complaining back every morning is not fun, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t put it off until you buy the wrong mattress either: Buying a new mattress while you are in pain is like buying food while you’re hungry! You might overspend, buy the wrong type of mattress, or buy something not suited to your room, normal sleeping style, and height.

If you don’t know what to buy, let someone walk you through the process and help you in a way that leaves you satisfied and sleeping deeply every night, and let that be someone who’s not biased or limited by brand: The Mattress Warehouse carries Simmons, Rest Assured, Cloud Nine, Silentnight, Universe Bedding, and many other brands! We can give you the best service that will suit YOUR needs, and you don’t even have to be here: order online and have us deliver to your door. Call on 0861 007 000 or click here: buy now button

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