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Choosing Summer Pyjamas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Why the right choice is important

Did you know that what you wear to bed can help you fall asleep and stay asleep? Since the amount of sleep affects your health and emotional wellbeing, make sure you choose well. The Centre for Disease Control conducted a survey that showed over 30 per cent of adults get less than the recommended hours of sleep per night. Don’t let your choice of sleepwear be the reason you don’t get sufficient shut-eye this summer.

Sleep hygiene and summer pyjamas

Choice of sleepwear is one of the essentials of good sleep. Consequently, it falls under the heading of sleep hygiene. This term used to refer to the cleanliness of one’s bed. Nowadays the subject includes several other elements. These elements, form a sound foundation that supports excellent sleep every night. They include a quality mattress, healthy bedding materials, and pyjamas that are conducive to a good night’s sleep.

get a good cup of tea before you get into your favourite set of summer pyjamas

Which Fabric Is Best?

The fabrics that touch your skin while you sleep are bound to increase or reduce the quality of your sleep. Touch is one of our primary senses and the way we feel in our skin does influence our experiences. Feeling good in what you wear in bed leads to better sleep quality. Your choice of fabric will make all the difference to how well you sleep.

However, summer fabric choices abound which may make selecting the right one rather challenging. Take note that not all fabrics are ideal for you or the planet. Humanity lives at a time when environmental awareness is at the forefront. Consequently, the thought of carbon footprint affects the choices people make on a daily basis. There is nothing like a clear conscience to help you sleep better. It is critical to choose summer pyjamas that you feel good about buying.

Qualities To Take Into Consideration

To be happy with your choice of summer pyjamas there are various aspects to take into consideration. Firstly, the fabric has to feel good on your skin for best sleeping comfort. Furthermore, it must be a material that supports your body’s unique tendencies. Take fabric properties into consideration as regards night sweats for example. Look at durability if that is important to you. Is ironing an issue for you or do you not mind wearing wrinkled pyjamas? Finally, look at the environmental implications when choosing a specific fabric for your pyjamas.

All these points and more are important to consider before making your final choice. Knowing what you are getting from each fabric option will help you choose summer pjamas that fulfill all your requirements.

Know Your Summer Fabrics

There is such a vast variety of fabric that manufacturers use to make summer pyjamas. You might feel it is easier to pick the first set you find. However, if you choose well, you will love wearing them. In addition, a great choice may mean you can use them for up to five summer seasons. Rather select a set that you have chosen with great care and forethought.

As for fabric type, natural fabrics tend to be more suitable for summer pjamas since they are breathable. They allow for cooler nights, hence deeper sleep. Look through the following points to assist you with your decision regarding fabric choice.

Airy Cotton

perhaps cotton pyjamas are best for you

Cotton pyjamas have been a popular choice for many decades. Being light on the skin and deliciously soft, cotton is the perfect fabric for summer. Because it is breathable, the warmth from your body is not trapped. Avoiding overheating and resultant skin irritations will allow you to sleep better. However, if you do tend to sweat at night, cotton absorbs the moisture. Being an ineffective moisture-wicker, it may not be a good choice for you.

Additionally, it is best to purchase organic cotton. Farmers of non-organic cotton, use more pesticides than for any other crop. This would reduce a wise choice in terms of breathability, to a choice which supports the use of hazardous chemicals. Fortunately, there are many organic cotton pyjama choices available for summer.

The Magic Of Bamboo Pyjamas

Bamboo is a natural moisture-wicker, ideal for those hot summer nights. Being hypoallergenic it offers ideal protection against allergies. Additionally, bamboo is thermoregulatory, which means it keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Furthermore, bamboo is the ideal environmentally-friendly fibre. Trees thrive without pesticide and fertilizer. They suck up water in the wet season and let it out during the dry season. Consequently, they provide themselves with sufficient moisture. Bamboo has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-dust mite properties. All these magical qualities benefit you when you wear pyjamas made from the fibres.

Wear Happy Hemp To Bed

One hundred percent hemp pyjamas are three times more durable than cotton ones. Clothing manufacturers sometimes combine forty-five per cent organic cotton with fifty-five per cent hemp. This produces a softer, light summer pyjama. Easy to maintain, pure hemp pyjamas are mould resistant as well as completely wrinkle-free.

Environmentally, choosing hemp pyjamas is a wise choice. Farmers require half the water that cotton farming needs. In addition, hemp crops are cheap to grow since farmers do not need to use chemicals. Being a fast grower, the crop is ready for harvest up to three times a year. No part of the tree goes to waste and the fabric is one hundred per cent biodegradable. Hemp pyjamas for summer are an earth-friendly choice.

Which Style Suites You Best?

what is your favourite style of pyjamas

The style you are drawn to is a personal preference. Once again, choose what feels most comfortable to you. Ranges that are perfect for summer include billowing kimonos for those that prefer to be more modest. For people that like to wear less, there are sets that include tiny shorts and tank tops. If you like something in between, there are soft medium length nighties. For men, there are boxer-shorts, knee-length shorts and longs in airy fabrics.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and create your style. Unisex kikois wrap around the waist and might be more to your liking. Easy to remove, they are ideal for hot nights.

In Conclusion

Taking the time to choose your summer pyjamas wisely will serve you for seasons to come. Making a great choice means that you will feel good wearing them. Additionally, you will have the pleasure of a clear conscience regarding your carbon footprint. Choosing the right summer pyjamas rewards you with superb, cool slumbers every night.

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