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Edblo Beds- A Perfect Solution To Sleeplessness

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

EdbloEveryone desires to have a good and a comfortable sleep. There are numerous benefits of a perfect sleep on one’s overall health and the state of mind. A relaxing sleep refreshes one’s mood, and enables the individual to perform better during his waking hours. A good night’s sleep, especially in a comfortable bed allows an individual to utilize the next day at his full ability. In dreams the importance of sleep and the need for a quality bed frame is very essential.
However, there are still many individuals who suffer from sleeplessness. There are many reasons which usually become an obstacle in attaining a comfortable sleep. Some of these factors may include stress, busy and hectic routine, medical illness like insomnia, and many more. However, if you feel uncomfortable while sleeping on your mattress, maybe it’s the time to go for a new one!

Why do we need to stay longer in beds?

Why do we need to stay longer in beds? Well, the answer to this interrogation is very simple. Sleep is actually one of our basic needs, not a luxury. A better good night’s sleep will always provide support to valuable dreams. It is actually a good way to start your day in a most energetic manner. There are numerous benefits of sleep, which can only be gained by sleeping on a comfortable and a relaxing mattress.
We often buy an expensive mattress for our comfort, but later we realize that we have made the wrong investment. In order to ensure safe investment, you should always go for the reliable bedding company. One such leading bedding company in South Africa is ‘Edblo’.

History of Edblo Beds

Edblo is a South African bedding company, initiated by Barney Block and Len Edelstein in 1927. In fact the name of the company was formulated from the name of its founders, i.e. they took ‘Ed’ from Edelstein and ‘Blo’ from Bloch. The company later advanced and started creating innerspring mattresses. In fact, from 1950 to 1970, Edblo emerged to become the first national bedding company in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
The Edblo beds were actually manufactured by using tried and tested components. One such component is the famous Bonnell Inner Spring. Despite the high quality components, required to manufacture this prestigious bed, the Edblo beds are specifically designed to provide a level of comfort to South Africans for over the past 80 years.
Edblo beds are manufactured in such a manner that they tend to last long once bought. So your investment will actually be worth the amount you pay. It is ideal for the ones desiring to buy a luxurious bed in their bedroom. Adding a piece of Edblo to your house surely enhances the overall look. Edblo is surely one of the favorite bedding company in South Africa.

Ranges of Edblo

There are three different ranges of Edblo available in the market, each carrying distinct features. The three ranges of Edblo along with their unique features are described below:

  • Edblo Pocket Collection

This Edblo range is manufactured by using Pocket Spring System. The Pocket Spring System is manufactured in such a manner that the springs are created individually and then placed into the pockets of fabric. This allows each spring to move in an independent manner. Some other unique features of the Edblo Pocket Collection are flanging, sprung edge support, designer knitted fabric and latex euro top.

  • Edblo Energiser

The Edblo Energisers are manufactured by using the ComfiCoil Spring System. This system provides stability, strength and superior support to the mattress. Moreover, it also helps in preventing sideways mattress movements, and thus reduces disturbances due to partner’s movement. Some other unique features of Edblo Energisers are ultra care fabric, robust wood base, air vents, a latex top, reinforced, ramper top and antimicrobial treatment.

  • Edblo Crown Range

This range of Edblo bed is manufactured by using the Bonnell Spring System, which is basically created by using one of the finest raw materials available in the market. This system makes sure that the Edblo beds provide the extra comfort and support required by the body. Moreover, the bug treatment certainly adds a wow factor to the mattress. Some other value added features include the multi quilted pattern, the comfy fill and the insulator.

Edblo beds for sale

EdbloOne perfect website serving the job of providing Edblo beds for sale is the mattress warehouse. It will actually guide to make a wiser decision through safe investments. The retailers, or the experts, on this website will help you at the best of their abilities. It is a reliable website which will thoroughly guide you while making the decision about beds, according to your own need and budget.
If you don’t carry sufficient amount to buy an expensive Edblo bed, then you should look for Edblo beds for sale. It will allow you to buy an Edblo bed at a fairly reasonable price. Moreover, if you desire to buy Edblo beds in bulk, then going for the Edblo beds for sale is surely the right choice. In this manner, you will be able to purchase number of beds at a reasonable price.
The Mattress Warehouse basically sells affordable and reasonable mattresses and base sets to the public at the warehouse prices. The website carries a great range of Edblo beds in single bed, double bed and queen size. You can choose a perfect Edblo bed as per your own choice at a convenient price. You can buy your beds online through the Mattress Warehouse online store. The website delivers the product in Polokwane in the Limpopo province and even all across South Africa.

Some Edblo beds best for back pains!

The Edblo beds which are well known for providing firm, luxurious and comfortable support of the body are Edblo 7 Crown and the Edblo 5 Crown. Another remarkable Edblo bed recommended for you is the Edblo Energizer Luxury Pamper Top. It is actually considered as one of the leading models of Edblo.

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