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Genessi Excellence

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

If you love foam beds then you will love this quality bed range!! Genessi beds are made of combinations of different foams – either memory foam or poly-latex. Memory foam is an incredibly soft type of foam that has a special heat-sensitive characteristic. When it comes in contact with your warm body, the higher temperature causes the foam to soften and mould around your unique body shape. This adjustment to the contours of your body makes memory foam mattresses extremely comfortable and relieves pressure on pressure points. Poly-latex foam mattresses tend to feel more springy, as they have a greater elasticity. This foam also adapts to your body shape and offers excellent back support, helping your spine to obtain the right alignment and posture.


Advantages of choosing a Genessi bed:

  • The layers of different foam ensure good support and proper sleep posture. The support is also sufficient for any weight and helps your spine to maintain its natural, healthy alignment.
  • There is no pressure on your joints. The foam relieves your pressure points and conforms and shapes to your body.
  • The durability is outstanding and determined by the specific combinations of high-density and speciality foams.
  • There is zero movement transfer – because the foam doesn’t have a rigid, connected structure, there is no disturbance between sleeping partners.
  • The mattresses are incredibly hygienic. They are treated with vita-premium protection that effectively repels mozzies, dust mites, bedbugs and bacteria. They are also allergy-free and breathable.



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