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Why Do We Think Serta Bedford Is A Great Choice For Anyone

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

SertaWhen it comes to sleeping, we are quick to make a decision that any expensive mattress will give us peaceful moments of sleeping time. But that’s an absolutely wrong thought. Having a mattress that will compliment your needs and body is very important. As this will be able to create your own personal dream world. With Serta mattresses, nothing will ever go wrong.

You must learn to experience and celebrate all that life has to offer. Do not simply buy a mattress just because a friend or family member told you it worked for them. What worked for them might not work for you. We are often too interested in other people’s life that we tend to forget to put our own pleasure as the top priority.

There is a reason why Serta is assumed as one of the best.

The best mattress in the market isn’t necessarily the priciest one, and the priciest mattress doesn’t always mean it is the most comfortable mattress out there. Different people have different level of pure comfort. We have a wide range of mattresses that will cater to the personal preferences of different individuals. Most manufactures focus on featuring extra softness in the comfort layer of the bed. They tend to add pillow top as well. This way buyers can be assured that the manufacturers truly care about their wants and needs.

As one of the leading manufactures of beds in the world, they are proud to present a wide variety of mattresses to the consumers. They are also known as the number one manufacturer of mattresses in the United States. As if that is not enough, Serta keeps improving by bringing the best of the best materials to create their mattresses.

So what makes Serta as one of the best mattress manufacturers in the world?

The systems used in order to make their mattresses.

All of their mattresses are 100% eco-friendly.
The box springs installed in their beds are recycled steel (95% post-industrial).
The wood which they used as the foundations is sourced from the forests (certified and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council).
Fabrics used in order to cover Serta mattresses has the standard of Oeko-Tex 100 (with no use of harmful substances).
Fabric covers made of purse organic cotton and natural bamboo are also free of harmful substances.
The natural and synthetic latex blend used by them is all allergen resistant and anti-microbial.
The foams used in all of their mattresses are made without the use of mercury, lead, CFCs and PBDE flame-retardants.

Serta Bedford and Why We Think It Is A Great Choice

SertaIf you need a bed with the special spring unit, Serta Bedford is probably the one you are looking for. With its MiraCoil Spring Unit, this Flip Free Pillow Top Perfect Sleeper bed is one of many mattresses by them that has this unique spring unit. It is only available to Serta International. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you want one of the strongest sleeping systems that will allow you pure comfort and good support, continuous coil technology will be able to provide you with every requirement and needs you are looking for. Serta Bedford is a very firm and sturdy bed. It also has more longevity when compared to other mattresses. This is due to the higher concentration steel in Serta Bedford in the unit’s centre. Because of this, Serta Bedford is able to hold greater weight of the human body by 70%. The concentration will mostly be focused between the shoulders and knees of the sleepers. Serta does know how to comfort its consumer, we must say.

Even when you have an extra sleeping partner or an increased weight, the technology of continuous coil in Serta Bedford is still able to provide extra support to the entire bed unit. This will give the sleepers the opportunity to feel extremely comfortable and at peace while lying and sleeping on Serta Bedford. The surface is very stead, firm and quite soft too. Another extra advantage of buying Serta Bedford is the fact that this bed is very supportive of human weight. If you need a bed that is more durable and a lot stable, we can assure you that Serta Bedford is “the one” you have been looking for. Most beds with the same specifications tend to lack a couple of other requirements, but not Serta Bedford.

SertaAnother special specification of Serta Bedford is the support it provides along the edge of the bed. If you do not like the feeling as if you are about to roll off the bed during your sleep, then Serta Bedford is your best choice. This is because they know exactly what sleepers hate at night. The Serta Bedford is fully-covered with special support along the edge that will ensure more stability. This stability is well-maintained and add more level of comfort to the sleepers. So, you do not have to worry about falling off of your bed anymore! Serta got you covered!

They are also proud to brag about the high-quality of the filling of Serta Bedford. The bed is filled with good quality high density foam which offer more than just a firm and comfortable sleeping surface. You will feel as if you are a royal, sleeping on a very expensive mattress. Serta Bedford will feel very soft on the skin of the human, because of the high density of its latex foam. It will make you feel as if you are floating in the air! No, we are not exaggerating this. We truly think Serta Bedford will give you the pure comfort you are looking for. Last but not the least, the knitted fabric which is used in order to cover the entire unit of Serta Bedford is an exclusive fabric. The fabric is of the highest quality can be offered. It is imported all the way from Belgium.

We love their beds and we hope this article is enough to enlighten you of all the great benefits of purchasing Serta Bedford (or any other of their beds). You will not regret having one of these beds in your house!

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