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Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You’ve been putting off buying that special something you desire because you know that, come Black Friday, the price will be right. So now, at the start of November 2021, you are slowly homing in on your target. Maybe you want to get some DIY tools or maybe you are looking for a Black Friday bed sale. Who knows?

The point is, you need to start planning for your shopping spree.

And, just like you, we here at The Mattress Warehouse are excitedly looking forward to seeing big Black Friday bed deals this year.

In fact, we’re so pumped about this shopping day, we decided to turn it into a whole Black Friday Sales month.

Introducing… (drum-roll) Blackvember!

Yes, that’s right! From today, the first of November all the way through to the 30th, you’ll have access to only the best Black Friday bed deals (and lowest prices) on a wide range of our beds and mattresses.

Moreover, to add to all of the excitement, we decided to give away one bed each day of Blackvember.

Enter our Black Friday Bed Sale Competition

We’re giving away a top-quality bed every single day during the month of Blackvember 2021! And it’s really easy to be part of this super Blackvember promotion.

How can I enter The Black Friday beds competition? 

Glad you asked! You will automatically be entered into our lucky draw competition for that particular day, each time you buy one of our Black Friday sales’ items. Winners will be announced the following day on our website and our social media channels. And as per usual, T&Cs apply.

To help you sharpen your teeth for Black Friday 2021, we decided we’d share our secrets to getting the most out of this sale hunting day. Therefore, whether you’re a newbie or an avid sale hunter, dive in with us as we reveal all our best shopping tips.

South Africans have become big fans of Black Friday.

And because of how Covid-19 influenced our daily lives, a lot of companies are stepping up their online game. In other words, you’ll most likely be able to secure your Black Friday bed specials from the comfort of your double bed at home (or whatever bed you sleep and chill on).

In light of that, here are some tips to help you secure that dream bed… Cough* – item that you’ve been longing for:

Be Prepared 

Hand writing a list

Sale hunting starts before sale day. Ensure you get a good deal by scouting for prices beforehand.

1) Create a shopping list

It makes no sense to blunder into a shopping mall (or online catalogue) on the day without a clear goal in mind.

Therefore, write down a list of things you want to buy beforehand.

Additionally, prioritise the items on your list. This way, you know what you want/need most.

2) Do some product research

Seeing an irresistible deal can make you completely forget your motive for choosing certain brands above others.

For example, if you’re looking for a new bed, do your research on bed brands and bed types for your sleeping style beforehand. You’ll be paying more in the long run if you get a product that doesn’t completely fit your needs. Fortunately, our Black Friday bed sale offers shoppers a wide variety of beds to choose from.

3) Sign-up for a mailing list

Most stores offer a promotional email mailing list.

Sign up for mailing lists from those stores that you want to buy from a few weeks in advance. This way you’ll know what Black Friday specials are available.

Yellow and red promotional signs

4) Take those early bird deals

Some stores pre-release their Black Friday deals (like us – Blackvember, remember?)

Sometimes, these specials are released as early as the Wednesday before (unlike us – Blackvember, remember). Therefore, if you are set on making your purchase in-store, visit those stores the day before Black Friday and see if you can score early. 

5) Stick to your budget

Keeping to your budget is cardinal to ensure a satisfying shopping experience. 

If your spending gets out of hand, you’ll struggle with limited cash flow throughout December. Which isn’t really what you want, is it?

But all of those Black Friday sales look so enticing, how on earth will I stick to my budget?

Let’s walk you through it.

a) Create a budget

First things first, set up a budget that fits your wallet.

You know what you want and what you are willing to spend on it. So use those mailing lists to narrow down the options and create a budget from there.

Hand holding money in a fan

b) Be careful – not everything is a deal

Even though this day is notorious for amazing deals and specials, beware of sneaky  “deals” that really aren’t there to help you save money.

So keep track of prices a few weeks before the actual sale. This way, you will be acquainted with pre-sale prices (through your mailing list) and quickly know the difference between a good deal and an artificial markdown. 

What to do on the big day 

Fast forward to Friday, 26 November 2021 – Black Friday. Shopping malls are overflowing, people are queuing into the parking lot and it feels like a stampede is about to take place.

How do you navigate the chaos?

Long exposure photo taken of people walking in a mall.

1) Shop at the right time (or from home)

On Black Friday, malls are busiest between 2-4 pm. So try to get there early in the morning. 

But if you can buy that coveted item online, why go to the store at all? Save yourself the trouble and have those desirables delivered to your doorstep. 

2) Cross-reference Black Friday prices in-store

If you decide to go to the physical store, keep those email lists handy so that you can show sales representatives the advertised prizes to ensure that you get what you came for (at the right price).

3) Stick to your list (sometimes)

Don’t fall into temptation.

If the product was not on your list, ignore it. Unless it’s something you’ve been dreaming of having for years but you never thought you’d be able to afford it. Then go for it.

4) Shopping for days

Make use of the recent trend to extend the shopping frenzy through the weekend. So at the risk of losing out on the item you want, you can do your shopping on Saturday or Sunday as the stores might be less packed.

And remember those online buying options!

Mannequins in store window with 20%, 30% and 50% sale signs

5) Keep your receipt

You might be allowed to return your goods if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. But just double-check with the sales consultants before you secure a really big swipe.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a 100-day comfort trial on all our beds and mattresses. So, if you’re buying a bed during our Black Friday bed sale month, rest assured that you have 100 days to return your bed; as long as you’ve kept the pristine mattress covered with a waterproof mattress protector.

Shop online

Woman getting ready for the Black Friday bed sale on her bed with her laptop.

The iconic shopping trend (Black Friday, not online shopping) has been reported from as early as the 1960s!

Traditionally, this day is observed as a shopping mall frenzy day. However, we’re living in the 21st century now, and shopping in-store is quickly becoming a less popular option.

Keep in mind that increased site traffic comes with its own challenges. With sites crashing or failing to load as the user tally increases on this big shopping day it can definitely add to your frustration levels.

If you’re opting to stay at home and shop from the comfort there, follow these tips on how to get the best user experience out there.

1) Beware of dodgy websites

Along with the growing need for deals online, comes the sour taste of scammers and other cybercriminals that are out to steal your money and info.

Therefore, if you’re shopping Black Friday deals online, make sure you shop with trusted, well-known names in the industry.

2) Compare prices

The great thing about online shopping is that you can shop from the ease and comfort of your own home. What’s more, you can compare prices between stores with the click of a button! 

Simply open up a few tabs of your favourite stores and compare products and prices by scrolling through the tabs.

Shop & Save with The Mattress Warehouse

As mentioned earlier, The Mattress Warehouse is so excited that we decided to dedicate not just one day or one weekend or even one week to Black Friday.  We’re giving you a whole month of amazing Blackvember deals on everything bed-related!

To pique your interest, we took the liberty of discussing a couple of our best sellers that will be on sale this month.

Black Friday bed sale

Our Restonic bed range is an absolute classic!

Made from only the best materials and according to international standards, Restonic makes beautiful, quality beds in South Africa for South Africa.

These beds normally consist of an innerspring system that is supported by various types of foam layers and support bars around the top, bottom and edges of the mattress.

The edge support system allows for you to sleep over the entire surface of the mattress without it sagging and the durapad technology helps the mattress retain its shape for longer. Moreover, Restonic products come with 1-year guarantees and 10-year service warranties.

It is a fantastic locally manufactured product that you will not regret having in your bedroom.

And, of course, Sealy beds

If you’ve ever done any research on buying a bed, you’d have come across Sealy.

In fact, the entire world has heard of Sealy. It is one of the premier bed brands in the world and as such, The Mattress Warehouse prides ourselves in the wide variety of Sealy beds that we stock.

Ranging from entry-level beds all the way to highly advanced adjustable beds, Sealy has it all. Memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and classic spring systems. Not to mention the fantastic pillows and mattress protectors.

Engineered to provide superior support, you cannot go wrong with investing in a Sealy bed.

Cloud Nine beds

Another proudly South African brand.

Cloud Nine has great rapport with our customers. In fact, many of the Cloud Nine Blue range receive glowing feedback and 5-star ratings from satisfied customers. Built from different layers of foam and gel, this bed will keep you comfortable for many years to come!

Black Friday bed sale

We only spoke about three of the many beds that we stock at The Mattress Warehouse. But we have plenty of other bed brands on sale. In fact, we stock South Africa’s top ten favourite beds. So, if you are wondering…

Is Black Friday a good day to get a Black Friday mattress sale?

The answer is yes.

Black Friday Bedroom Accessories on sale

Beds are not the only thing that we’ll be selling at reduced prices this Black Friday.

If you’re looking to revamp your guest bedroom (or the main bedroom) be sure to check out our headboards section as you’ll definitely find some great deals there.

On the other hand, if your children are just growing up too fast, we have a wide selection of bunk beds and kids beds that could be exactly what you need to ensure better sleep for the entire household.

The best thing about all of this is that you can do the shopping from anywhere – the couch, the coffee shop down the street or the veranda out back. And we bring it to you. You don’t have to go anywhere. Add the fact that you can get a 100-day trial (if you buy a mattress protector and use it).

Black Friday bedding sale

Speaking of mattress protectors, The Mattress Warehouse has got you (and your mattress) covered. Check out our selection of mattress protectors – they are quite handy when it comes to keeping your mattress, or your growing child’s mattress, stain free. We also stock a lovely variety of linen, duvets and duvet cover sets.

If you were thinking about spicing up your bedroom this summer, come to The Mattress Warehouse. We have got all of the bedroom accessories that you can think of. And with our Black Friday bedding sale on, you are more than likely to get what you want at a discounted price too.

Shop Black Friday Beds with The Mattress Warehouse

Think about it – this month you’ll find the lowest bed prices this year! With up to 50% off on selected beds, you would be unwise not to make use of this incredible opportunity. So visit our Black Friday page to take part in our Blackvember promotion!

Be sure to come back every day to check out our daily promotions and remember, with each item you buy from us this month, you stand the chance of winning a luxury bed! So check out The Mattress Warehouse’s great  Black Friday bed sale now!

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