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Get the best Black Friday shopping tips

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

With the month of October drawing to a close, everyone is gearing up for the most anticipated shopping event of the year – Black Friday 2019. Love it or hate it, this amazing deal day can save you so much money if you approach it the right way. At The Mattress Warehouse, we’re excitedly looking forward to our big Black Friday Bed Sale. In fact, we’re so pumped about this shopping day, we decided to turn it into a whole month – Black-Vember! Yes, that’s right! From the 1st-30th of November, you’ll have access to only the best and lowest deals on a wide range of our beds and mattresses. 

Enter our Black Friday Bed Sale Competition

What can you win? We’re giving away a top-quality bed every single day during the month of November 2019! Be part of this super Black-Vember promotion. 
How can you enter? You will automatically be entered into our lucky draw competition for that particular day, each time you buy one of our Black Friday sales’ items. Winners will be announced the following day on our website and our social media channels. T&Cs apply.

Now, in anticipation, we also thought we’d share our secrets to getting the most out of this sale hunting day. Therefore, whether you’re a newbie or an avid sale hunter, follow along with us as we reveal all our best shopping tips.

Be Prepared 

Hand writing a list

South Africans have become big fans of Black Friday. What’s important to know is that sale hunting starts way before the day of the actual sale. Scouting for good deals and familiarising yourself with general prices beforehand is the best way to ensure that you really do get a good deal.

1) Create a shopping list

First things first; determine your needs. It makes no sense to blunder into a shopping mall on the day without a clear goal or list. It is exactly this practice that can quickly make you feel lost and insecure in the big sale hunting experience. 

Therefore, write down a list of things you want to buy beforehand. Additionally, prioritise the items on your list. This way, you know what you want/need most. Consequently, you’ll be able to do your shopping in an orderly fashion moving from shop to shop as you cross off the items on your list.

2) Do some product research

Seeing an irresistible deal can make you completely forget your motive for choosing certain brands above others. For example, if you’re looking for a new bed, do your research on bed brands and bed types for your sleeping style beforehand. You’ll be paying more in the long run if you get a product that doesn’t completely fit your needs. Fortunately, our Black Friday bed sale offers shoppers a wide variety of beds to choose from. 

3) Sign-up for a mailing list

Most stores offer a promotional email mailing list. Once you’ve determined your needs, you’ll have a general idea on what stores you’d like to visit. Sign- up for an email mailing list from these stores a few weeks in advance to be in the know of the best specials available. 

Yellow and red promotional signs

4) Take those early bird deals

Did you know that some stores pre-release their Black Friday deals? Sometimes, these specials are released as early as the Wednesday before. Therefore, try to visit the stores a day or two before the big sale on Friday and see if you can score early. 

5) Stick to your budget

Keeping to your budget is cardinal in ensuring a satisfying shopping experience. If your spending gets out of hand, you’ll have to suffer the consequences of limited cash flow for the whole month of December. 

a) Create a budget

First things first, set up a budget that fits your wallet. Since you’ve already determined what you need, you now can determine what you may spend. Remember the mailing list you signed up for? Well, that’ll come in handy when you’re trying to get a rough idea on how much everything on your list may add up in total. 

Hand holding money in a fan

b) Be careful – not everything is a deal

Even though this day is notorious for amazing deals and specials, beware of sneaky  “deals” that really aren’t there to help you save money. One way of preventing this is to keep a general track on prices a few weeks before the actual sale. This way, you will be acquainted with pre-sale prices (through your mailing list) and quickly know the difference between a good deal and only a small markdown. 

What to do on the big day 

Long exposure photo taken of people walking in a mall.

As the actual day breaks, you’ll want some expert tips and advice on how to tackle this day. 

1) Shop at the right time

Strategically planning your day according to certain trends and forecasts has many perks. In addition to a quieter, more peaceful shopping experience, you’ll have a lot more time in your day to do your sale hunting. 

Through smartphone analytics, it was observed that the busiest time of day in a mall on the day is between the hours of 2 pm-4 pm. In the mornings, feet traffic usually pick up and peaks at 2 pm.  It’s only until 4 pm that these numbers start to go down. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more peaceful shopping experience, try to avoid the peak traffic hours between 2 pm and 4 pm. 

However, remember that going Black Friday shopping on the actual day is never really a peaceful, tranquil experience. Stores are extremely busy throughout the day with long waiting times and even longer queues. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally for waiting and being patient. 

Calm mall setting

2) Cross-reference prices in-store

Now, remember that email mailing list of yours? It’s important to keep this on hand at all times, as some stores are tricky and may try to avoid selling products at the promotional rates. Therefore, cross-reference prices of products to the prices that are listed online and in advertisements.

Cross-referencing product prices between stores may also aid you greatly in getting the best Black Friday specials possible. However, use your phone to do this, as running in between stores, in an already busy mall, may leave you feeling frustrated and tired.

3) Stick to your list (sometimes)

Now, this is important. Discount deals are the ultimate temptation if you’re a sucker for a good deal. However, as the saying goes, you don’t save 75%, you spend 25%. 

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t need that product, you’re spending your money on an unnecessary item that you didn’t budget for. Therefore, stick to your list as hard as it may be.

4) Shopping for days

In the past, specials lasted for one day and one day only. However, in recent years, the shopping frenzy has turned into more of a weekend. Therefore, if you really hate the extra-long queues and waiting times, opt for a shopping spree the following day. Stores will be less busy, and you’ll have more room to breathe. 

Mannequins in store window with 20%, 30% and 50% sale signs

However, since you’ll be going to be a bit late to the party, don’t count on stores to have stock of everything you’ve scouted. 

5) Keep your receipt

Yes, with most stores, you’re allowed to return your goods if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. Generally, the return policy is listed on the store’s website or on the back of your receipt. Also, double-check with the sales consultants before you secure a really big swipe. 

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a 100-day comfort trial on all our beds and mattresses. So, if you’re buying a bed during our Black Friday month, rest assured that you have 100 days, no questions asked, to return your bed; as long as you’ve kept the pristine white mattress covered with a waterproof mattress protector. 

Shop online

Woman sitting on bed with laptop

The iconic shopping trend has been reported from as early as the 1960s! Traditionally, this day is observed as a shopping mall frenzy day. However, we’re living in the 21st century now, and shopping in-store is quickly becoming a less popular option. However, increased site traffic also comes with its own challenges, with sites crashing or failing to load as the user tally increases on this big shopping day.

If you’re opting to stay at home and shop from the comfort there, follow these tips on how to get the best user experience out there.

1) Beware of dodgy websites

Along with the growing need for deals online, comes the sour taste of scammers and other cybercriminals that are out there for one thing only – stealing your money and info. 

Therefore, if you’re shopping Black Friday deals online, make sure you shop with trusted, well-known names in the industry.

Person making an online purchase

2) Compare prices

The great thing about online shopping is the shopping from the ease and comfort of your own home. What’s more, you can compare prices between stores with the click of a button! Simply open up a few tabs of your favourite stores and compare products and prices by scrolling through the tabs.

The last word – be safe

The shopping extravaganza is something a lot of people anticipate, especially if you’ve been waiting for this sale to buy an expensive item at a great discount. However, with this day comes some dangers you need to take heed of and keep safe.

1) Avoid unsafe situations

Most large retailers stay open till late on this day. Therefore, if you’re shopping at night, make sure you’re going with a friend. This will prevent opportunists from ambushing you and stealing your new items. 

Additionally, park as close as you can to an entrance at the mall. This way, you can swiftly and safely make your way to your car.

2) Keep your cool

In the past, there have been hilarious videos of shoppers fighting over items that are must-have deals. However funny of a video it makes, it’s not a good shopping conduct to adopt. Therefore, keep your cool if someone got the last item you wanted. 

Keep in mind that this is only one day, and there will be more stock the next week. It’s not worth it to start a shopper fight for one product. If you really needed that item so bad, you’ll be willing to pay full price for it once it comes back in stock.

Neon sign on leafy background reading: "and breathe"

 Shop & Save with The Mattress Warehouse

As mentioned earlier, The Mattress Warehouse is so excited that we decided to dedicate not just one day or one weekend or even one week to the frenzy.  We’re giving you a whole month of amazing deals on beds and everything bed-related! Don’t forget to enter our Black Friday competition that’s running for the whole month of November! 

So, if you’ve been sleeping on a shaggy bed night in and night out, now is the chance for you to upgrade to a dreamy treat. Visit our special deals page and find the best Black Friday bed sale

We hope you’re just as excited as we are for this deal-frenzy month ahead. Happy shopping!

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